Intel K Series Processors

Rendering and PC Mark

Intel K Series  Processors


Huh? What the heck is going on here? The CPU results of our CineBench test follow the pattern we've seen in all of our previous tests, although the stock 875K is lagging behind somewhat.

However the OpenGL test is nearly entirely incomprehensible. We all know that clock speed pumping data to the GPU is more important than the amount of cores doing the data pushing. So the 655K dual-core performing so well isn't a massive surprise. But the relatively poor performance of the 870 and 930, coupled to the incredible performance of the 875K, does make us scratch our head somewhat. 


Giving further credence to the possibility that the CineBench test is somehow flawed, our POV-Ray results return to where we'd expect them to be.

For those of you who don't fully understand how the 655K can be top of the "Per CPU" test, it's the total Pixels Per Second rendered, divided by the amount that did the rendering. As, within reason, the law of dimishing returns applies then a dual-core HT will naturally divide down much better than a quad-core HT. So average is how much speed you'll get, and the Per CPU is how efficient each core is working.

PC Mark Vantage

Boy oh boy. We've been hesitating to really emphasise how impressive it's been so far, but our PC Mark Vantage results leave no room for doubt. That lime green bar has been heading to the top, and it finally makes it. The i5-655K is seriously impressive. 

Considering we've moved out of the realms of synthetic tests, and into real-world testing, it's jaw-dropping. Even the huge lead the 875K has enjoyed has evaporated. 

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Most Recent Comments

07-06-2010, 10:09:15

When I finally upgrade I'll be looking for a quad-core since I do graphic work. Looks like the $930 is still the best deal. The 655 is pretty sweet though for a dual-core.Quote

07-06-2010, 10:21:57

Yeah, they seem expensive for what they deliver. If anyone was going to spend £300 on a CPU (or more), they would go for an X58, and clock the i7 930. The 1156 platform doesn't seem the logical place to stick these chips, although I suppose that intel don't want to put people off buying the extreme edition chips.

Good review, so good for OC3D, but weird price/platform of chips from intel.Quote

07-06-2010, 11:05:37

WOW thats extreme for aircooled over 5Ghz on waterQuote

07-06-2010, 11:06:40

the conclusion was difficult tbh as there were so many factors to consider. The 875 is cheaper than the 870 but doesnt seem as good. The 655 goes like stink but costs a good chunk more and seems expensive for a dual but it is 32nm.....

Its a tough one to call tbh.Quote

07-06-2010, 15:09:20

I hear ya Tom. Good review regardless. And I think fair scores for both.Quote

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