Intel i5 760 Review


Intel i5 760 Review


So how has the i5-760 performed compared to the i5-750 it replaces? Like so many things the conclusion to draw is dependant upon your intended usage.

Considering the relatively small difference in default CPU speeds of the i5-760 and i5-750 the i5-760 makes a very good showing throughout all of our tests in managing to be ahead of the i5-750 by more than it's 140 MHz increase would lead us to expect.

Overclocking the i5-760 was a joy. It almost seems to be designed to run at 200x20, managing to be completely stable even at only 1.25v. It really adds to the frustration of Intel's insistence on only increasing their CPU speeds by around 150MHz per model rather than allowing them to hit the heights they can "out the box". Once we crossed the 4GHz barrier though the amount of voltage needed to keep the CPU stable quickly ramped up. We're not sure that 0.2v increase on the VCore is worth the extra 400MHz it gives.

If you are comfortable overclocking your CPU then this really rewards you with high levels of performance. The extra clock speed allowing the i5-760 to beat the i7-870 in just about all our tests. That's a hell of a lot of horsepower for around £150.

What if you're not though? We are fully aware that lots of people just want to buy some hardware and slot it in without faffing about. In that case it's much harder to recommend. The pricing is such that for most people we'd recommend splashing the little extra out and getting a Hyper-Threaded i7-860. Although Hyper-Threading can't make up for pure speed, a HT processor against a non-HT one is absolutely no contest at all.

All in all the i5-760 is a very good processor that is just hard to recommend. If you want great stock performance, then the extra oomph from a i7-860 more than justifies the extra £50. If you are happy to overclock it then the i7-760 absolutely rocks, but again you might as well pay a little more and overclock a Hyper-Threaded i7 to gain much more performance. If you're just looking for an upgrade then there really isn't enough extra features with the i5-760 to make it a worthy path.

It's still 45nm so you don't get the speed and heat benefits of the 32nm process. It hasn't got the new AES instruction set and it's not Hyper-Threaded. That isn't to say it's a bad chip by any stretch, it certainly is very good. Just there are better options out there on the LGA1156 platform to suit either lower budgets or performance lovers.

Just on sheer value for money terms if you're willing to overclock it though, it has to win our Bronze award.


Thanks to Intel for providing the i5-760 for review. Discuss in our forums.

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Intel have released a new model at the top end of the i5 line of processors and OC3D takes a look.

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