Intel Core i7 5820K Review

Test Setup and Overclocking

Intel Core i7-5820K Review

Test Setup

Intel Core i7-5820K
ASUS Rampage V Extreme
nVidia GTX780Ti
Corsair LPX 2800 DDR4
Corsair AX760i
Sandisk Extreme Pro SSD
Corsair H105
Custom Corsair 540 Air
Windows 7 x64


With all of these more affordable Intel processors the ideal scenario is to manage to get it to equal the performance of the next one up, or perhaps even the top of the line one. 

Overclocking the Core i7-5820K was a frustrating affair. We couldn't get our 3000MHz G.Skill RAM to run at all, and the CPU itself didn't seem to enjoy any BCLK speed above the standard 100MHz. Certainly, as you can see on the left, it was possible to run at higher speeds but that severely limited the amount of overclocking you could actually attain from the CPU itself.

Dropping back to 100MHz allowed us to climb much further, towards the 4.5GHz that we're used to from the flagship i7-5960X, although at the cost of DDR4 performance. It's very much a case of picking your poison, although CPU clock speed should always trump RAM speed.

Intel Core i7-5820K Review     Intel Core i7-5820K Review  

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Most Recent Comments

29-10-2014, 11:15:19

Pretty underwhelming considering it is Intel's first six core CPU in the low end of the "extreme" series of CPUs.

It is pretty much the same story as it was between the 3820K vs 3770K as it is now with the 5820K vs the 4770/90K, except the 5820K has two more physical cores so you would of expected there to be even more of a gap in performance than there is.Quote

29-10-2014, 12:31:48

Wow that is really surprising, I chose to invest in the 5930K sadly the rig isn't assembled yet. But if I remember correctly other reviewers had the 5820 outperform the 5930, of course it wasn't Tom who did the testing :-P but I don't hope it's the case cause I'd feel like I have wasted a lot of money .Quote

29-10-2014, 13:15:42

Excellent vid guv, I hope Intel are listening... "sort ya damn speed binning out!", I do see the need for it, but there is a limit surely, this chip seems very underwhelming indeed. They could have chopped a couple of cores off kept the pci lanes and released their first x99 introduction quad core at a friendlier price, I think it would have been better rather than a slightly watered down 5930K..

Kudos on the out takes, made my day. Quote

29-10-2014, 14:37:10

It's very expensive for what it is really.

I was kind of disappointed with this tbh; I was hoping for a high clocked Quad Core like the 4820k for cheaper than the hex cores, but that 3.3GHz stock clock speed is a bit on the low side. Quote

29-10-2014, 17:53:30

Timely review. I will pass on X99......Quote

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