Gigabyte Z370 Aorus Ultra Gaming 2.0 ... Review?

Introduction and Technical Specifications

Gigabyte Z370 Aorus Ultra Gaming 2.0 ... Review?


Reviewing hardware is a little bit like telling a story. The nature of our workflow here at OC3D is such that by the time I'm typing these words to you, we already know how well or poorly something performs and exactly what we think of it. But giving away the ending right at the beginning isn't really a fun idea. After all, you can be dismissive of something and grow to love it as you read through, or vice versa. Some of the most memorable hardware has been the surprise packets.

This then, being the introduction, is the perfect place not to give the game away. But we're going to because the eagle-eyed amongst you will have already spotted the hints, and those of you who don't really notice the subtleties of the reviewing art form deserve to know the truth straight away. The Aorus Ultra Gaming 2.0 isn't very good. Probably the biggest clue to this is the paucity of pages to this review.

Usually the written review is separated from the video review because we know not everyone has the time or inclination to watch something instead of read it. The main points we have to make about the 2.0 edition of the Gigabyte Aorus Ultra Gaming are covered in this written review, but more than almost any other content we've produced we would hasten to suggest that you also check out the video as well to ensure you have the full picture. It's rare for us to go down this path, rarer still for us to need to, but we wouldn't want anyone to blindly consider this a hatchet job or anything remotely approaching that. To borrow the mantra of David Kirkaldy we are concerned with "Facts, not opinions". When all the evidence points in one direction it is impossible to come to any other conclusion.

Something we hold as sacrosanct here at OC3D is testing everything using the same methodology and use those stark results as our primary text and let the chips fall where they may. We're not in the business of misleading our audience, nor proclaiming something as the new messiah simply because it is expedient to do so. Unfortunately it sometimes leads to today's review...

Technical Specifications

The Z370 Aorus Ultra Gaming 2.0 should be very familiar to anyone who has seen recent Gigabyte offerings. Normally here we'd go over what you're getting for your money, but it would be futile to do so today. Nobody should buy this particular product.

Gigabyte Z370 Aorus Ultra Gaming 2.0 ... Review?  

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Most Recent Comments

11-05-2018, 14:19:12

Honest reviews ... knew there was a reason I keep coming back here.

Good work, hopefully saved some people from making a mistake. Funny, adding a 2.0 moniker really does make you think "improved" not just "different".Quote

11-05-2018, 14:30:17

Is the AM4 stuff just as whack Tom?

Gigabyte have really started to self destruct since they scrapped the dank green Assassin brand, I'm not even a "green" kind of guy and I loved the look. The assassin brand can make a really popular board imo with the current market share of Nvidia's GPU's and samey motherboards. Stop competing with ASUS, You will never win!Quote

11-05-2018, 16:46:43

This is SUCH a good review and I'm seriously happy I decided to read it. I just was picking parts for a PC build I'm doing for a friend and I read this article and I'm like....nope that gigabyte auros mobo can be removed right now.

I will not do a build with a time-bomb in the pc. I went with an MSI board, which I have used many times in the past (the brand not a specific board), and have never once had a problem with it.

Gigabyte on the other hand....I've had 4 boards in the past 3 years (two being my brothers PC builds) and all 4 have crapped out in less then a year, been beyond hot at idle (like the MOSFET and heat sink covers were junk), or just had random parts on it 3 fan headers in 2 months go bye bye for no reason.

I was going to give Gigabyte another chance...but not with this board and with the likes and looks of MSI/ASUS boards probably never again now haha.

Swing and a miss gigabyte, you dropped the ball hard....why is this a 2.0 release when nothing at all has been addressed... .__________.Quote

11-05-2018, 18:33:09

I was actually looking at getting the V1 for my Coffee Lake build but decided against it going by your 1.0 review and went with the Maximus X Formula instead.Quote

11-05-2018, 18:52:11

Well... this is disappointing, I was hoping that Gigabyte would be able to fix their issues with their 2.0 release.Quote

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