Gigabyte X58A-UD9 and GTX480 Quad Sli Review


Gigabyte X58A-UD9 Review


Phew. What a rollercoaster ride that was.

There is a little bit to get through here, but there is one thing we have to deal with before we move on, because it colours everything else. The price.

It's available around £450 online. Just stop for a moment and take that in. You can buy a Gigabyte UD7 and a Intel i7 930 for the same money as just this board. So if you're here to see if this is good value, then no it isn't.

But value isn't everything, otherwise we'd all be driving 1 litre diesels and eating cheap beans on cheap bread. Just like a tent from Millets will keep you dry, not everyone wants the basics. Sometimes you want the best. The absolute, no compromise, does it all, best.

Certainly Gigabyte delivers on nearly everything we could desire. Performance is absolutely not an issue. Despite a couple of strange results in our first tests, it consistently beat out the Asus Rampage 3 Extreme using identical hardware. We also saw the highest overclock we've managed to obtain out of our engineering sample 980x. 4.6 GHz using only 1.4v is mightily impressive in anyones books.

The ability of the board to run four cards to their capacity is something barely a handful of boards offer. Those that do certainly don't come with the after-sales comfort that a board from Gigabyte gives us. As our testing showed Quad-SLI isn't really for anyone but the extremely wealthy, but 16x/16x/16x Tri-SLI has absolute performance benefits and would be the kind of system that we all dream of. Certainly having tasted that power we were saddened when Zotac took their cards back.

Connectivity is capably handled by the UD9 too. 10 SATA ports, of which 4 are the SATA 6Gbps variety. Multiple USB2.0 and USB3.0 ports. Hell it even has a Floppy and IDE connector should you bizarrely have some old bit of hardware you want to plug into your motherboard that cost the same as a cheap second hand car.

The accessories packaged with the board are comprehensive to say the least We can't think of anything it doesn't come with that we'd need. The inclusion of three extra stand-offs for those whose cases don't come with eATX support is one of those touches that really shows attention to detail.

In fact what we dislike about the board is brief indeed.

The box is far too gaudy for something in this price bracket. It's priced at the very tip of the enthusiast level and do they, heck do we, need to be told endlessly about the "Unlimited Power" and "333 Support". Yes once is fine, put it on the back by all means.

When all four slots are populated it is much harder to obtain a decent overclock out of the board. Considering that if you've got the wedge to lay down on four graphics cards you're more than likely to want to overclock your CPU too. This is a small thing though because you're also likely to have an Extreme Edition processor and therefore can massage the multiplier, as we did.

The cooling isn't brilliant and you definitely need to have a think about how to keep that northbridge cool if you're on air. If you're on water then your problems are greatly lessened.

Finally there is that price. Even with every single feature you could desire it's still arse-clenchingly expensive. The fact that there are already 40 or 50 quid variances in online price show how much mark up it's getting, which does make the retail price even harder to swallow.

So in short, if you can stomach the initial outlay, the Gigabyte X58A-UD9 is the absolute performance king and because of its huge connectivity will last until you move along to the i8 or whatever comes next. It's an easy winner of our Performance Award.



Many thanks to Gigabyte for letting us have a play with the UD9, and to Zotac for the GTX480s. Discuss in our forums.

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Most Recent Comments

30-07-2010, 06:40:36

Best review ever! Really appreciate the effort you and the guys must have gone to for this! Clearly proves that 3-way is good if a little expensive, but 4-way is just stupid for anything except PC Mark really. What a well made board though! Even if that stupid chipset heatsink is a massive gimmick , it's nothing short of awesome! Well done OC3D!

P.S. Love the new watermark btw.Quote

30-07-2010, 07:35:35

Fantastic, amazing, fabulous, unbelievable, jaw dropping, there is not enough words in the dictionary that would describe this review and videos I enjoyed every minute of it and to be honest I read it twice actually it was better than watching AVATAR in 3d in the cinema, I’m a very critical person by nature but OC3D you deserve a 5 star for this one as for the videos I watched them in 1080p on my 40’’ Samsung to enjoy every single detail there is and it is truly amazing stuff guys and the watermark oh... just lovely truly professional , If it was up to me I'll put this review on the BBC it would definitely be better than watching click, to be honest there is nothing ells I can say to show my appreciation to you guys for giving me a two hour journey of pure enjoyment. I truly love you guys.

Regards to everyone in OC3D even the cleaners if you have any.

30-07-2010, 10:53:21

Originally Posted by name='silenthill'
Fantastic, amazing, fabulous, unbelievable, jaw dropping, I enjoyed every minute of it, you deserve a 5 star for this one, just lovely truly professional, pure enjoyment, I truly love you guys,
You're like Steve Jobs at keynotes xD

Nice review though.Quote

30-07-2010, 11:28:32

Well your signature looks like readings from a cheap hand blood pressure machine

:haha: :haha: :haha:Quote

30-07-2010, 13:38:57

Originally Posted by name='silenthill'
Well your signature looks like readings from a cheap hand blood pressure machine

:haha: :haha: :haha:
Hahahaha xDQuote

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