Gigabyte EX58-UD3R X58 Motherboard

Media Encoding & Compression

SiSoftware Sandra (the System ANalyser, Diagnostic and Reporting Assistant) is an information & diagnostic utility capable of benchmarking the performance of individual components inside a PC. Each of the benchmarks below were run a total of five times with the highest and lowest scores being discarded and an average being calculated from the remaining three.

ViMark is the latest addition to the OC3D motherboard testing process and a relatively new benchmarking application in general. Designed to take the inaccuracies and guesswork out of measuring the time taken to encode video files, ViMark produces easily comparable and consistent results for encoding raw video into Windows Media, Quicktime and Gif formats. As always, a total of 5 benchmark runs were performed with the highest and lowest scores removed and an average calculated from the remaining 3 scores.

7-Zip is an open source Winzip-style file compression utility that has the ability to compress and decompress many file formats including its own .7z compression scheme. 7-Zip also comes complete with its own benchmarking utility for gauging the compression and decompression speed of the system that it is installed on.

Results Observations

Again, there was little to separate all of the motherboards on test. The UD3R did however score towards the higher end of the leaderboard in the encoding tests but slipped back during the compression/decompression tests.

Let's move on to our 3D Benchmarks...
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Most Recent Comments

05-05-2009, 08:30:17

Nice review mate.

If I were to get the inkling to go I7, this board would probably make the shortlist. Performance at a good price is always a winner.Quote

05-05-2009, 10:56:45

Teehee £158 for "budget"...

*wanders off muttering to self about what the motherboard market has come to*Quote

05-05-2009, 14:21:49

Originally Posted by name='prosser13'
Teehee £158 for "budget"...

*wanders off muttering to self about what the motherboard market has come to*
This isn't that outrageous for the "next" Intel board. We just got used to new 775 being in $100 range... New means long time til mainstream for cheapness... but very sad if you want the best. Stupid Best/New taxQuote

05-05-2009, 14:29:18

Originally Posted by name='prosser13'
Teehee £158 for "budget"...

*wanders off muttering to self about what the motherboard market has come to*
Agreed. It's still outrageous.

Considering the kind of systems u can still buy with 775 and get an equal terms use out of it. Performance on a par.

Nice mobo, but u can get an EP45-DS5 for around £120 (at least I did), and clock the eff out of whatever proven cpu. And that's a ddr2 option. Heck get urself 8g of nothingness whilst ur at it and u still have cash left, from what u didn't buy the I7 kit with, to buy a GTX260/275/280/285 to build a rig not to be sniffed at.Quote

06-05-2009, 14:50:44

Prices of motherboards have been rising for a long time now. You are always going to pay top dollar for cutting edge technology. Take SSD's for example: for a 30GB SSD you could have 2TB of standard drives in raid 0!Quote

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