Gigabyte EX58-UD3R X58 Motherboard

Crysis, COD4, Far Cry 2

Crysis is without doubt one of the most visually stunning and hardware-challenging games to date. By using CrysisBench - a tool developed independently of Crysis - we performed a total of 5 timedemo benchmarks using a GPU-intensive pre-recorded demo. To ensure the most accurate results, the highest and lowest benchmark scores were then removed and an average calculated from the remaining three.

Call of Duty 4 is a stunning DirectX 9.0c based game that really looks awesome and has a very full feature set. With lots of advanced lighting, smoke and water effects, the game has excellent explosions along with fast game play. Using the in-built Call Of Duty features, a 10-minute long game play demo was recorded and replayed on each of the GPU's using the /timedemo command a total of 5 times. The highest and lowest FPS results were then removed, with an average being calculated from the remaining 3 results.

Ubisoft has developed a new engine specifically for Far Cry 2, called Dunia, meaning "world", "earth" or "living" in Parsi. The engine takes advantage of multi-core processors as well as multiple processors and supports DirectX 9 as well as DirectX 10. Running the Far Cry 2 benchmark tool the test was run 5 times with the highest and lowest scores being omitted and the average calculated from the remaining 3.
Results Analysis

With the UD3R performing well in the synthetic benchmarks, I have high hopes for it in the real world gaming tests. The motherboard threw up a mixed bag of results, performing the best in Far Cry 2 and worst in Call of Duty IV while Crysis placed it in the middle of the pack.
Let's take a look at it's overall performance... 
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Most Recent Comments

05-05-2009, 08:30:17

Nice review mate.

If I were to get the inkling to go I7, this board would probably make the shortlist. Performance at a good price is always a winner.Quote

05-05-2009, 10:56:45

Teehee £158 for "budget"...

*wanders off muttering to self about what the motherboard market has come to*Quote

05-05-2009, 14:21:49

Originally Posted by name='prosser13'
Teehee £158 for "budget"...

*wanders off muttering to self about what the motherboard market has come to*
This isn't that outrageous for the "next" Intel board. We just got used to new 775 being in $100 range... New means long time til mainstream for cheapness... but very sad if you want the best. Stupid Best/New taxQuote

05-05-2009, 14:29:18

Originally Posted by name='prosser13'
Teehee £158 for "budget"...

*wanders off muttering to self about what the motherboard market has come to*
Agreed. It's still outrageous.

Considering the kind of systems u can still buy with 775 and get an equal terms use out of it. Performance on a par.

Nice mobo, but u can get an EP45-DS5 for around £120 (at least I did), and clock the eff out of whatever proven cpu. And that's a ddr2 option. Heck get urself 8g of nothingness whilst ur at it and u still have cash left, from what u didn't buy the I7 kit with, to buy a GTX260/275/280/285 to build a rig not to be sniffed at.Quote

06-05-2009, 14:50:44

Prices of motherboards have been rising for a long time now. You are always going to pay top dollar for cutting edge technology. Take SSD's for example: for a 30GB SSD you could have 2TB of standard drives in raid 0!Quote

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