Biostar TPower i55 Review

Test Setup, Overclocking and Software

Biostar TPower I55

Test Setup

Biostar TPower I55
Intel Core i7 870
Thermalright MX12 with Arctic Cooling MX3 paste
2x2GB Kingston DDR3
Cougar CM1000 PSU
Windows 7 x64

For comparison we'll be running the Biostar up against the current OC3D Best in Class, the MSI P55a Fuzion, and our most recently reviewed value option P55 motherboard the also MSI GD85. All will be tested at stock and the Biostar will also have results for the overclock.


Within the package of Utilities included with the TPower I55 is the Biostar Toverclocker utility. Sounds like a Yorkshireman. "What's that?". "That's t'overclocker".

Visually it is very similar to the xPU-Z series of freeware applications. 

Biostar TPower I55     Biostar TPower I55  

This is the real meat of the package, the place where you can overclock from your desktop. As we all know getting through POST and to the desktop is the hardest part of any big overclock and so to be able to modify it once you're there is a boon.

Biostar TPower I55     Biostar TPower I55  

Should you wish to use the presets there are two additional ones available in Toverclocker that aren't in the BIOS, namely V3 and V15. Considering the V6 increases the BCLK by 2MHz the V3 might as well be a button labelled "nothing". The Auto professes to go through an overclock and reboot cycle until optimal settings are achieved.

Biostar TPower I55     Biostar TPower I55  

It's all very good in theory but in practise it just doesn't work very well. Even mild overclocks were met with a black screen reset. The Auto overclock took forever to get an overclock barely stable and barely worth it. This is definitely a piece of software best used for monitoring and use the BIOS for the overclocking. Speaking of which.


Wow this was frustrating. To look at our CPU-Z shots you'd think that this was an overclocking behemoth. Sadly no, no it's not. This, albeit great in the "big number" stakes, was as stable as a drunk, motion-sick, one-legged unicyclist. Not helping is the fact CPU-Z doesn't appear to be reporting the CPU VCore correctly as everything else from BIOS to Everest showed it as the actual 1.38v it was.

Biostar TPower I55     Biostar TPower I55

Having had a lot of experience with our setup we're well aware of what our 870 can do. Apparently the Biostar isn't at all aware. The BCLK topped out at a measly 207MHz, but the moment the multiplier was increased it had to be put through the floor to even boot into Windows.

Eventually after huge amounts of cursing and far more tweaking that we've seen since the Lanparty days, we got it stable at 3.6GHz. Not exactly stunning by any measure. Considering we also have the benefit of the unlocked i7-870 then with a multiplier locked processor it would have been even worse.

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Most Recent Comments

03-09-2010, 05:44:34

£11.59? I'll have five....

Right, I'll stop extracting the urine and read it now

OK fantastic review as ever lads, ta muchly

There were two things that had me in stitches.

Firstly this -

And then this. I think the person who designed this is from Yorkshire. Down't t'pub for a pint of bitter and t'chip butty

03-09-2010, 05:49:29

Think you need to clean your glasses and have another coffee dude Quote

03-09-2010, 06:00:03

Oooo ya sneaky bugger I should've screen grabbed it

Haha, I can't stop saying "Be sure to have t'fun with t'overclocker" in a Yorkshire accent.

hahahaha !Quote

03-09-2010, 07:08:47

Originally Posted by Scrotie McBoogerballs View Post

Oooo ya sneaky bugger I should've screen grabbed it

Haha, I can't stop saying "Be sure to have t'fun with t'overclocker" in a Yorkshire accent.

hahahaha !
Aiiiigh t'be sure t'be sure.

Great review mr veebles as per usual Quote

03-09-2010, 08:55:54

Originally Posted by Scrotie McBoogerballs View Post

At first this seems like a great P55 board !

Al tho i personally don't like all these pre overclocking features, seems all the P55 boards have them now ...

this OC genie on my MSI P55-GD65 is a complete joke ! EDIT sorry i mean i just doesn't seem to work , all it does is BSOD lock...

and i believe my EVGA P55-FTW has the option in the bios ?!Quote

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