Biostar TPower i55 Review

The TPower I55 Package

Biostar TPower I55

Packaging, Accessories and the I55 Itself

Run Charlie, run home as fast as you can. Yes indeed the Biostar box most certainly is the Golden Ticket. It's actually not as gaudy as it sounds and in the flesh looks alright. Sure it's a bit shiny, but we don't mind packaging trying a bit harder in the very competitive "standard consumer" marketplace.

Thankfully Biostar haven't seen fit to adorn the box with a myriad of "LOOK AT ME" feature highlights. Rather the box has all the pertinent information whilst still remaining as understated as 17 inches of gold box can.

Biostar TPower I55     Biostar TPower I55  

The accessory package is everything you could expect to find for around this price range. A few SATAs, some Molex to SATA adaptors, IDE cable, Crossfire bridge and a un-marked simple metal IO shield.

The motherboard manual is an area where we'd prefer to see as little money saved as possible. Even after all these years we've never found one that explains what everything does. Sure it's one thing to say your choices for an option are "enabled or disabled" but what it is and what would enabling it do? I hasten to add this isn't a Biostar problem, rather one throughout the industry. However even by normal industry standards the I55 manual barely covers the basics and most of it is dedicated to the software.

Biostar TPower I55     Biostar TPower I55  

The TPower I55 follows the fairly standard Biostar colour scheme of mustard and white. Not a fabulously attractive colour scheme but at least it's identifiable. It would be slightly more bearable if they hadn't picked up DFIs mantle of using stomach-churningly bad PCI slots and Biostar have gone for "that crayon you never used at school unless you had to draw vomit". I'm sure Dulux or Foxconn have a romantic term for it. But it's hideous. Stick to mustard please.

If ever there was a backronym, the 'OMG' is it. If you for one moment believe that the designers thought "it's an Overclocking Matrix Genie, what shall we call it?", rather than going "what can we make mean OMG?" then I've a bridge to sell you. Thank goodness it isn't a Great Overclocking BIOS Super Helpful Intelligent Tweak Engine.

Biostar TPower I55     Biostar TPower I55  

If there is one element of this Biostar that it doesn't lack for, it's cooling prowess. Both banks of the power phases and the P55 chip itself have large multi-finned heatsinks that are a really eye-catching feature. Unquestionably, green PCI slots aside, this doesn't look a bit like a board at this price point. Congratulations indeed Biostar. Let's look at it a little closer.

Biostar TPower I55     Biostar TPower I55

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Most Recent Comments

03-09-2010, 05:44:34

£11.59? I'll have five....

Right, I'll stop extracting the urine and read it now

OK fantastic review as ever lads, ta muchly

There were two things that had me in stitches.

Firstly this -

And then this. I think the person who designed this is from Yorkshire. Down't t'pub for a pint of bitter and t'chip butty

03-09-2010, 05:49:29

Think you need to clean your glasses and have another coffee dude Quote

03-09-2010, 06:00:03

Oooo ya sneaky bugger I should've screen grabbed it

Haha, I can't stop saying "Be sure to have t'fun with t'overclocker" in a Yorkshire accent.

hahahaha !Quote

03-09-2010, 07:08:47

Originally Posted by Scrotie McBoogerballs View Post

Oooo ya sneaky bugger I should've screen grabbed it

Haha, I can't stop saying "Be sure to have t'fun with t'overclocker" in a Yorkshire accent.

hahahaha !
Aiiiigh t'be sure t'be sure.

Great review mr veebles as per usual Quote

03-09-2010, 08:55:54

Originally Posted by Scrotie McBoogerballs View Post

At first this seems like a great P55 board !

Al tho i personally don't like all these pre overclocking features, seems all the P55 boards have them now ...

this OC genie on my MSI P55-GD65 is a complete joke ! EDIT sorry i mean i just doesn't seem to work , all it does is BSOD lock...

and i believe my EVGA P55-FTW has the option in the bios ?!Quote

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