Biostar 1155 TZ68A+ Review


Biostar TZ68A+ Review


So how did the latest in a long line of Biostar motherboards do?

Overclocking the TZ68A+ is simplicity, albeit slightly frustrating. Our 2500K is good for 5GHz on a great motherboard and the Biostar topped out at 4.7GHz. Not even a ridiculous bump in voltage could get it to POST at 4.8GHz. This obviously had a knock-on effect in the synthetic scores we saw. They were about on a par with a 4.7GHz overclock which is good, but the real-world based tests, and PC Mark Vantage in particular, definitely took at a hit.

Looks wise the nicest thing we can say is that it's got everything you could expect. It's got the same design flair as a breeze block. Entirely utilitarian and wholly lacking in any artistic elements at all. The on-board power and reset switches are very basic switches indeed, all the SATA ports are individual ones mounted in the same vertical manner that we often see a 7th port mounted in and they make cabling the whole thing tidily a bit of a challenge. 3 fan headers are barely enough for any setup these days, and even the ones there are aren't placed in the most useful spots.

If we discount the price for a moment then it's very average in performance, as plain as a boiled potato and about as satisfying.

However and, to paraphrase Blackadder it's a 12 story however with wall-to-wall carpeting a big neon sign saying 'However', it's £92!

By any measure you care to use, including the 'always lower cost than Intel' AMD line of motherboards, the Biostar is cheap. Properly cheap. But it isn't cheap in the same way that a Rolex brought from a market for a fiver is. It's cheap in the same way another TZ was. If you can bear with my whilst I recant my youth, when I was a teenager Yamaha had a TZ motorcycle which wasn't very expensive and went like a bat out of hell. The Biostar TZ68A+ reminds me very much of that.

It's no frills to be sure, but you're getting a motherboard with HD3000 graphics, USB3.0, SATA 6Gbp/s, IRST and a UEFI BIOS. You're getting a motherboard that can overclock to 4.7GHz for the price of a decent night out.

If you're the kind of person who thinks that all those artistic touches like coloured heatsinks in the shape of Sydney Opera House are needless flash and that what you want is the maximum bang for your buck, then the Biostar TZ68A+ is the board for you. Sure it stretches the 'all go no show' mantra to the edge of breaking, but it doesn't break.

Performance and looks are average enough but take into account that price tag and the TZ68A+ definitely makes it one of the most deserving Value For Money award winners we've ever had and equally deserving of our Silver Award.


Thanks to Biostar for providing the TZ68A+ for review. Discuss in our forums.

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Most Recent Comments

19-07-2011, 09:20:41

Not bad and as said in the review it's only £92 and for that it is a good board and value for money.Quote

19-07-2011, 09:46:46

for an extra £15 though you can get the gigabyte GA-Z68A-D3H-B3...which is much the same ... BUT Biostar have a lot of returns .. and following suit with most e-tailers who now have to return all products to the manufacturers (this is the bain of my working existence)...its far easier to deal with Gigabytes RMA team then Biostars ... as a discussional point the mid range section of all components seems to be getting out of hand ... I spend most of my day explaining that for an extra £5 here and an extra £2 there you can get a better class of component ... check ebuyer for example ... the gulf in class between high end and top mid range (especially graphics cards) is but a few quid ... even though its a good priced board I have a feeling it will disappear amidst the swamp of other boards within this price range that are on the horizon ...Quote

19-07-2011, 09:53:38

But for someone who is on a budget it's a good deal, there is always something better you can get for a few quid more but for the bellow and around the £100 mark on motherboards there ain't much of a difference anyway. This board is for general use it's not a board you would buy for overclocking or running high end GPUs on and for £92 you get what you pay for.Quote

19-07-2011, 17:22:08

I have to say that is one of the ugliest motherboards. I looks like they went through there stock list of MB fittings and pulled out all there over stock and slapped it on one motherboard. Well good thing its cheap and performs with looks like that (as I once about my ex girlfriend lol).Quote

20-07-2011, 07:58:26

Looks like its made from lego...Quote

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