ASUS ROG Rampage VI Extreme Review


ASUS ROG Rampage VI Extreme Review


Take a moment. Take a deep breath. Try and recover from the serious amount of performance you've just witnessed.

Whilst you're doing that, perhaps you'd also take a moment to think of your humble review writer as he attempts to harness the power of his creativity to summarise the Rampage VI Extreme. Sometimes conclusion writing is difficult because the product speaks for itself and there isn't much to add. Sometimes it's hard because you need to compress the preceding 18 pages into a few paragraphs. Then there are products like this. This is hard for the simple fact that it is so mind-bending, so good, that anything we can say only dilutes the impact of the benchmark results.

Let's start with a minor quibble then, just to break up the endless congratulatory adjectives. We know some may not that keen on the big swathe of grey on the motherboard. We know why it is there. We know what it does. We accept it looks spectacular with the power on. But off. Just sat on a motherboard stand. It's ... not going to be for everyone. We actually think it gives a great option if you don't like RGB.

Phew. I think we made it through that massive list of negatives without the ASUS lawyers knocking on our door. Got away with it. Quick, let's focus on the positives before they notice.

The positives are : Everything else. The box has all the theatre you could hope to find this side of a Threadripper CPU or ASUS ROG Spatha package. There are plentiful treats lain there and you could spend the thick end of an afternoon just opening packets and enjoying the delights to be found therein. Moveable antennae for the WiFi, case badge, stickers, SATA cables, DIMM.2 bracket with 3 M.2 screw packets and a fan holder, a bracket for your GPU, SLI bridges of tri and quad SLI flavours, coaster, fan extension cables and bracket, the list goes on and on.

Once you've finally allowed yourself to handle the motherboard itself there is no looking back. It has everything you would hope to find not only on a X299 motherboard but on a PCB deserving of the famous Rampage branding. Whether you're seeking to try and break world records with LN2 or just want the satisfaction of knowing you have the best foundation upon which to build your system, you'll be delighted with your purchase. The BIOS is easy to navigate and the results are astonishing. Huge overclocks and relatively paltry voltages are the holy grail and the Rampage VI Extreme has them in spades. It isn't a product that looks great in CPUz screenshots but doesn't have the performance to back up those big numbers either.

Just look at our graphs. There isn't anything we can add. It has already been said by graph topping, competition crushing, sledgehammer levels of performance, bandwidth and capability. Sell your grandmother, rob a bank, take Bill Gates dog hostage, you need this in your life. Now let me get the 7980XE out of its box.....

ASUS ROG Rampage VI Extreme Review  

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Most Recent Comments

08-09-2017, 19:21:12

Eddie long
What an epic board , i,m dreaming already ,, thanks for the great review TTLQuote

08-09-2017, 19:52:39

and what will be disabled without a 1000$ cpu...

but ok to be fair... someone who buys a 650 euro mainboard will probably buy at least the 7900x.Quote

08-09-2017, 22:36:38

I am gobbling on my keyboard. This is masterpiece.

I am bit disappointed that we didn't get uber review like we had on Rampage V Ed10. I really enjoy proper TTL reviews. And i really like your shirt Tom.Quote

09-09-2017, 07:25:04

OK, TTL while I was lurking on OC3D page for ages this review finally encouraged me to create an account.

I was so set on Apex after your review. Waiting for delidded 7900X from Caseking, have memory, most storage. Just not the board.

Apex has much appeal to me (despite all weird/bonkers cut-outs on the PCB ) with only 4 DIMM slots and possibility of connecting 4 NVMe drives using both DIMM.2 AICs (even ordered another 960 1TB just for that reason). Plus on top of that, OCUK have plenty of Apex boards in stock. I was so ready to order Apex by Monday and now this...

You dropped this R6E bombshell last night and I have to get it. I was drooling so much I've downloaded and replayed video 5 times on the bounce and twice today... I really hate to wait another month, but I have to get R6E, not the Apex. For now nobody has it in stock anywhere in Europe. Whoever is first gets my money.Quote

09-09-2017, 19:55:37

All the connectors at the bottom are covered by a 4th card. As this board is aimed at people using 4 way mGPU setups this is very poor design and would be very easy to correct by turning the connectors through 90 degrees.Quote

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