Asus P5E3 Deluxe WiFi-AP @n Socket 775 Motherboard

Board Layout and Features

Board Layout and Features

Asus have followed the recent trend of having rather large and complicated heatpipe systems cooling just about everything on the board. There is an array of heatpipes and fins, but unlike the RoG Maximus, there is no appearance of Asus's water-blocks.

mobo full motherboard full closer

The colour co-ordinating is easy to make sense of and the black PCB makes a nice first impression. The only thing I could say is that there are a lot of colours on the board and so it's not lent itself so much to a case with a window. The general layout is pretty good with almost everything sitting at the edges of the board. With 90° flipped SATA and IDE connectors, Asus have shown some thought has gone into the design. One thing I would make note of was the fairly large distance across the board that some of the I/O connectors have been placed, meaning a bit of a stretch for some case wiring.

The ring of heatpipes around the CPU area make the P5E3 feel a little crowded. After trying a few of our test heatsinks on the board I was pleasantly surprised to see that there was room for even the huge Scythe Infinity (Mugen).
p5e3 cpu area 1 p5e3 heatpipes

p5e3 heatpipies/memory

As an addendum to this, it is going to make replacing all those heatpipe's fairly difficult and possibly expensive if you want to install your own 3rd party cooler on there.
memory zone sata/ide area

The memory area is well organised, although it does look a little close to the heatpipe arrangement. As I mentioned before, Asus have given a nice block of 90° SATA ports. It's also good to see that the battery is away from the primary graphics card.
p5e3 bottom board cooling

At this point I am going to mention the motherboard cooling again. Asus have once again implemented retention mechanisms for the heatsinks used on the board. This is a good move and should keep everything in place.
p5e3 pci slots

Getting onto the PCI and PCI-e slots, Asus have gone with 3 full size PCI-e slots, 2 x PCI slots and 2 x PCI-e x 1 slots. This should be enough for even the most packed system, although some may lament the lack of PCI-e x 1 devices to put in those gaps.

Again we see just how everything is squeezed in on this board with the I/O's barely missing the heatsink configuration by millimetres.

As usual, Asus have done a great job laying the board out. Only a couple of minor niggles sit in my mind, although that huge heatsink configuration may be a bigger issue for some.

There's a couple of things I miss as an enthusiast from the RoG Maximus:

* On board power/reset switches
* External CMOS reset
* POST LED readout

Still, this is a "lifestyle" board and as such is not aimed at the same audience.
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Most Recent Comments

10-12-2007, 14:48:48

looks decent enough, but why, in one of the pictures, was there a sticker over two usb ports, and a network port? :S

infact, its in the pic in the first post ^^

is it to protect it or somthing? :SQuote

10-12-2007, 15:03:22

Nah just shows you where the USB wake-on goes in, should have taken it off but forgot Quote

10-12-2007, 16:08:18


10-12-2007, 16:45:42

Looks nice, shame the overclocking isnt as good as the rest of it Quote

10-12-2007, 16:48:39

Agreed, although cooling limited me tbh. Still 3.7GHz easily on a Q6600 isn't to be sniffed at. Sometimes I wish we could have a bit more time with the boards to tweak away Quote

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