ASUS Crosshair Evolution

Crosshair VI Hero

ASUS Crosshair Evolution

Crosshair VI Hero

All of which brings us bang up to date with the Crosshair VI Hero we've only just recently reviewed. Even given the Crosshair V you can see that everything about this is different. The red has gone, to be replaced by the ASUS AURA RGB technology. It is fair to say that by the end of its life we were all sick to death of red, and RGB has come along just in time to breath new life into system builds everywhere. By giving us, the public, the ability to pick whichever colour we desire it's obvious that the motherboard needs to be neutral and that's why the Crosshair VI is monochrome.

The move to AM4 Ryzen and the X370 chipset, and at long last dispensing with the AM2/3 socket, has seen a significant change in every department. Although you're already up to speed with our review we'll have a quick run down. Gone is DDR3 support and in its place is blistering DDR4 support. New to the party is WiFi - in keeping with our wireless world (because heaven forfend we make it difficult to steal our data by running it through cables) - and the eternally popular USB has been boosted by the addition of USB 3.1 support in both Type-A and Type-C connection styles. We all know that USB connectors fit the third way out of the two possible ways, and Type-C eliminates this fumbling about by fitting first time, every time. Storage has moved beyond mere SATA 6 Gb/s to the crazy fast speeds of M.2. We've gained dedicated water pump headers, addition power for the CPU, LN2 jumpers for those crazy/rich enough to go sub-zero, and all the ROG specific overclocking features in their latest iterations.

It is amazing that even in the ten brief years that the Crosshair has been on the market how far technology has moved on. This is particularly brought into sharp relief when you consider that just a shade before the release of the original Crosshair we were running parallel ports, serial ports, and the idea of SATA connections and the bandwidth afforded by DDR2 were mere pipe dreams. We started at multi-coloured plastics on a motherboard where even the idea of a black PCB was still new and daring, where motherboards wore their copper proudly and connectors were vertical. We have ended up with a motherboard dripping with all the latest technologies, high on bandwidth for our media heavy lifestyles.

It's been a fun ride. I wonder where we'll be in another ten years....

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ASUS Crosshair Evolution  
ASUS Crosshair Evolution  
ASUS Crosshair Evolution  
ASUS Crosshair Evolution  
ASUS Crosshair Evolution  
ASUS Crosshair Evolution  
ASUS Crosshair Evolution  
ASUS Crosshair Evolution  

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Most Recent Comments

23-03-2017, 10:04:08

What a great article. Will go make a cup of tea in a minute and read this one though.

I had the CH2 and the CHVFZ. Both were wonderful boards, with only one issue with the 2. It did not support Crossfire, and if you put two Radeons in it it looped at post /facepalm.

So sadly I had to get rid of it, because I loved everything else about it. The VFZ was just pure, unadulterated class.

Cheers Bryan, love stuff like this

CH2 goodness Quote

23-03-2017, 12:15:50

great video dude, would love to see videos like this in the future Quote

23-03-2017, 12:39:14

Great video tom! nice to see you have the whole family of crosshairs together (I would like to see the crossblade in there too but I guess it would be a bit off-topic)

Two sidenotes: Audio, I guess asus would have thought "if they are paying that amount of money they can buy their own fancy audio cards"
e-sata: really really good stuff if you do a lot of IT-support stuff, e-sate is just the normal sata interface, with usb 2.0 you didn't get the full sata speed and the usb protocol had some overhead which slows down drives and has some problems with large file transfers, ALSO, you get full acess to the drive as you would in a normal sata... External boot ssds/hdds were a thing for some people

Copper *-*Quote

23-03-2017, 17:15:35

A screen full of Asus love, what more could I ask for while eating KFC, funny I cleared out some of the junk from my pile yesterday had a few motherboards that only had IDE connectionsQuote

24-03-2017, 00:53:51

Totally awesome video loved it, on a side note did you end up getting your motherboard blanks mounted into a display case or frames?Quote

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