ASUS Crosshair Evolution

Crosshair V Formula-Z

ASUS Crosshair Evolution

Crosshair V Formula-Z

The Crosshair V is a refinement of the rules laid down on the Crosshair IV, and although it brings a few improvements there isn't the huge changes we've seen up to this point. It's clear that the AMD AM3 socket was very much long in the tooth by this point, and it had almost reached the limits of what you could do with it. To a large degree it is about what is no longer here, rather than what is new to the party.

The design is very much now set in stone. Like a sunburnt penguin playing roulette the Crosshair V is all about the red and black. Or perhaps ASUS just enjoy the fight over the best tasting wine gums in the pack. So what has the Crosshair V lost? Firstly the legacy PCI slot which they doubled up on the Crosshair IV has disappeared altogether. Because, let's be honest, if you'd not replaced your PCI device by now you were best left behind. Progress waits for nobody. On the Crosshair III we lost the floppy connector, the Crosshair IV dispensed with the IDE connector, and the Crosshair V removes the old SATA II port. It's 6 Gb/s all the way now. We also finally get rid of the Firewire port, both internally and around the back. It was designed for demanding video but by the time HD video was affordable and in the hands of the masses, USB had won the war. The price you pay for being first. History is littered with the corpses of companies that were the first to bring something to market but got crushed by the big corporations improving upon their ideas. Anyone who lived through the brief glorious days of 3DFX Voodoo cards will understand.

Hardware wise the Crosshair V continues the gradual improvements of the AMD chipset which is here in 990FX guise, with the 950 Southbridge. AMD were determined to keep that design idea. The downside of having backwards compatibility on your socket. Sure the socket here is AM3+, and now the Crosshair V can do 2400 MHz DDR3 supporting up to 32GB, but there are some hangovers from the old days that are limiting the performance, even if that AM3+ socket now handles 32nm CPUs.

Something which we take for granted here, but was advertised heavily upon the launch of the Crosshair V, is the support for both SLI and CrossfireX configurations on the same motherboard! No longer do you have to pick your GPU and motherboard to compliment each other, now you can just grab whichever you prefer and get on with it. Yes, it seems simple to us now, but it was revolutionary at the time.

ASUS Crosshair Evolution  
ASUS Crosshair Evolution  
ASUS Crosshair Evolution  
ASUS Crosshair Evolution  
ASUS Crosshair Evolution  
ASUS Crosshair Evolution  
ASUS Crosshair Evolution  
ASUS Crosshair Evolution  

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Most Recent Comments

23-03-2017, 10:04:08

What a great article. Will go make a cup of tea in a minute and read this one though.

I had the CH2 and the CHVFZ. Both were wonderful boards, with only one issue with the 2. It did not support Crossfire, and if you put two Radeons in it it looped at post /facepalm.

So sadly I had to get rid of it, because I loved everything else about it. The VFZ was just pure, unadulterated class.

Cheers Bryan, love stuff like this

CH2 goodness Quote

23-03-2017, 12:15:50

great video dude, would love to see videos like this in the future Quote

23-03-2017, 12:39:14

Great video tom! nice to see you have the whole family of crosshairs together (I would like to see the crossblade in there too but I guess it would be a bit off-topic)

Two sidenotes: Audio, I guess asus would have thought "if they are paying that amount of money they can buy their own fancy audio cards"
e-sata: really really good stuff if you do a lot of IT-support stuff, e-sate is just the normal sata interface, with usb 2.0 you didn't get the full sata speed and the usb protocol had some overhead which slows down drives and has some problems with large file transfers, ALSO, you get full acess to the drive as you would in a normal sata... External boot ssds/hdds were a thing for some people

Copper *-*Quote

23-03-2017, 17:15:35

A screen full of Asus love, what more could I ask for while eating KFC, funny I cleared out some of the junk from my pile yesterday had a few motherboards that only had IDE connectionsQuote

24-03-2017, 00:53:51

Totally awesome video loved it, on a side note did you end up getting your motherboard blanks mounted into a display case or frames?Quote

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