Asus Blitz Extreme P35 Socket 775 Motherboard

Test Setup & Overclocking

Test Setup

To ensure that all reviews on Overclock3D are fair, consistent and unbiased, a standard set of hardware and software is used whenever possible during the comparative testing of two or more products. The configuration used in this review can be seen below:

  Asus Blitz ExtremeAsus P5K3 Deluxe
Asus P5K Deluxe
Intel Core2Duo E4300 @ 3.0ghz (333x9)
Kingston PC3-11000 2GB DDR3 (7-7-7-20) @ 1333mhzKingston PC2-9600 2GB DDR2 (5-5-5-15) @ 1066mhz
Graphics Card
XpertVision ATI X1950Pro PCI-E 512mb (Stock)
Hard Disk
Hitachi Deskstar 80GB 7K80 SATA2 7200RPM 8mb
CPU Cooling
Stock Intel Aluminium Cooler
Operating System
Microsoft Windows XP (SP2) 32bit - Latest Patches
Graphics DriversATI Catalyst 7.4.44981 (Latest Official)
Motherboard DriversIntel INF 8.300.1013

During the testing of the 3 boards above, special care was taken to ensure that the BIOS settings used matched whenever possible. A fresh install of Windows XP (SP2) was also used between switching boards, preventing any possible performance issues due to left-over drivers from the previous motherboard install.

To guarantee a broad range of results, the following benchmark utilities were used:

• Sisoft Sandra XI SP2 (CPU, Memory & HDD tests)
• SuperPI Mod v1.4 (1m and 16m)
• Cinebench 9.5
• HDTach
• Quake 4
• Counter-Strike:Source
• F.E.A.R
• 3DMark05
• 3DMark06


With a whole host of BIOS options aimed at squeezing every last drop of performance out of your hardware, the Blitz Extreme certainly seems well equipped to break the overclocking records previously set by the P35 chipset based Asus P5K and Abit IP35 Pro motherboards reviewed here at Overclock3D.

Using only the BIOS to overclock the installed C2D E4300 processor, and with a maximum safe vcore voltage of 1.50v, I was able to achieve the following results:

Maximum Overclock

Previously the maximum overclock achieved on our E4300 was 3.33ghz, but as we can see from above, the Blitz Extreme has pushed this over 70mhz further to 3.4ghz. This certainly goes to show that the extra tweaks and options implemented by Asus on "Republic of Gamers" motherboards are more than just a gimmick.

Unfortunately the E4300 review processor is a bit of a poor performer when it comes to FSB overclocking and couldn't really provide us with any worthwhile results. Therefore, for the FSB results below only, the E4300 was swapped out for an E6700 which has been known to run at FSB speeds of 520mhz and above.

Maximum FSB Speed

Once again the Blitz Extreme pushes things a little further, managing a hugely impressive 527mhz FSB speed. This is actually the highest FSB reached on any board tested here at Overclock3D and should certainly keep even the most seasoned overclockers happy.
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Most Recent Comments

16-08-2007, 16:42:37

they've taken there previous motherboards, and just tweaked them to make them slightly better, added a higher pricetag, and shoved it on the market, genious really

oh, and great review


16-08-2007, 16:55:54

I think ASUS fans will like this especially, for the reasons ionicle states. Though it does imply that this latest tweak will allow u to get that much more % of an oc.

Outside of this review, I`d like to see a study where some1 takes 1 set of a full pc hardware install, and install the OS on it a large number of times. Each time take the benchmarks like XMS has used, and find out how much a difference u get in terms of a % each time. It`ll be small, I`d think, but it would add proof to my thinking that one board beating another in a finite benchmark doesn`t necessarily mean anything, unless it goes over a %.

My theory being, u build a setup and install u`r OS fully and u`ll get 1 result. Next time around, wipe the drive, and re-install everything and u`r result will be off by a few %.Quote

16-08-2007, 17:31:19

No generally that's not the case actually as I have done that a couple of times for varying reasons. You get a score almost exactly identical, shown especially by the benchmarks on these three boards that are exactly the sameQuote

16-08-2007, 18:14:52

Big question:

Is it better than the IP35 Pro Quote

16-08-2007, 20:07:06

great review, I enjoyed reading it.Quote

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