Asrock X58 Extreme3 Review

Test Setup, Everest and Sandra

Asrock X58   Extreme3 Review

For our test setup today we're going to be using a fairly standard setup that is probably common across most peoples systems. We could of course populate this with extremely high-end components, but as it's a motherboard based upon good value and high performance, we're following that ethos.

CPU : Intel Core i7 920 @ Stock and 4GHz OC
RAM : 6GB Corsair Dominator @ 1600MHz Stock and 1900MHz OC
PSU : OCZ Z1000M
Storage : 64GB SSD and DVD-RW Optical
OS : Windows 7 64 Bit
Motherboard : Asrock X58 Extreme3

Lavalys Everest

Everest is a great suite that tests both the memory and CPU without relying too heavily on the other elements of your system. The increase we can see from the overclock is in line with what we'd expect to see and around the average for a stock system too.


When overclocking the Asrock Extreme3 there is a balancing act between going mad with the CPU but keeping the memory in check, or going mad with the memory. The insane score improvement we can see from the memory, especially in the copy test, really make us wish that we could have got it stable at its rated 2000MHz.


SiSoftware Sandra

Sandra uses Dhrystone and Whetstone tests to rate the computational speed of the processor. Our results here are a mixed bag with the stock speed giving fairly disappointing results, and the overclocked result being quite good. Fair to middling shall we say.


The Processor Multi-Media test has the Extreme3 give a much better showing of itself. However despite our 33% increase in clockspeeds we only see around a 25% increase in the results. That's quite an overhead especially given the increased RAM speeds too.

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Most Recent Comments

12-05-2010, 06:47:16

What a excellent well thought out review.

I agree a floppy and IDE is a bit nuts. the ide i could live with just for moving across old stuff or to use some of the old 750 gigs i have lying around how ever the floppy . that got me scratching my head. Allso why do they have PS2 ports. they could have saved a few quid buy removing all this old gear.

I wasn't to fussed about placement of parts until you said about the small fan. oh dear me comes to mind here.

The sound OH MY OH MY OH MY .. squealing , electrical noise .. oh dear me a throw back to the early days of the first on board sound comes to mind. That is one hell of a major flaw esp since a hell of a lot of people now a days use on board sound. Something doesn't sound rite at all.

ASrock have all ways mixed old and new tech but if the old tech is a bad interference on the new tech then is it a worth while thing to do. All so i noted that the caps next to the ram slots are well to say the least unbelievably close to the ram slots does that cause any problems (just wondering). Ive seen ppl miss when placing ram in there slot and them caps look a little fragile. I could imagine them being ripped off by accident,

Ah well asrock nice try may be a ver 2 would be on the drawing boards pritty much straight away ....

p.s Love the Insta Boot if it works that well.Quote

12-05-2010, 10:39:48

Yea the big performance thing that caught me off guard was the 3DMark Vantage scores. There must be some serious things screwed up there. My Q6700 at 3.5ghz easily gets to 30k on performance for CPU. Why would a better CPU get less? This mobo seems to be one to stay away from.

I do like that instant on feature though. That's pretty cool to get into Windows so fast.Quote

12-05-2010, 12:03:46

The 3D mark scores you get are probably physx enhanced, which won't be the case for these scores. Mine will only hit 35K or so standard. Also, floppy drive, welcome to the 1990s?Quote

12-05-2010, 13:24:28

Probably for people that still flash using floppy maybe?Quote

12-05-2010, 14:52:50

Hmm I have used this for about 3 weeks Just to give it a shot and be fair.Its ALOT better than i thought . BUT how true that it cant hold the OC's without CRAZY voltages.:0.. soall and all if they had a few Minor tweeks IE. Board layout ect and Updayed the bios WAY more often then they do. I would have givein it a shot. As it sits I just Orderd the RAMPAGE 3 EX. because if you can find that in stock you wouldnt want anything Asrock could go along way if promted to and Tried alittle harder. Quote

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