abit Fatal1ty F-I90HD Motherboard

Test Results - Stability Testing, Super PI and SiSoft Sandra


For the Stability test I ran Orthos which is a dual Prime95 stress test, alongside dual Folding @ Home instances of the console client. To spice this up and really test the board I ran RTHDRIBL alongside this. This is a real test of the boards stability at stock and will show just how well my smooth installation really went. I also added an extra test to this board as it was rock solid: I added FRAPS writing FPS every second to file.

The Verdict:

stability test passed

The board failed the stability testing after 7.5 hours. This is no great failure and 7 hours with this level of stress testing is still pretty decent. Running folding @ home was 100% stable over a week period and everything else ran fine at stock.

Super PI 1 million and 32 million

Super PI is 100% the only choice for a quick bench of your top-end rig. It gives a quick and easy estimate of the relative speed of your CPU. The C2D's are now infamous for the their very fast PI times. Will the abit compete with the top-end boards here?

super pi 1 million

The Super PI times show that the F-I90HD is quite significantly slower than the full sized ATX boards in the run to 1 million PI.

Super PI 32million

A longer run of the Super PI benchmark shows stability and speed in a quick convenient test.

abit f-i90hd spi 32m

Once again the F-I90HD shows that it's significantly slower than the full size boards we've tested prior.

Processor Multimedia & Arithmetic

Processor Arithmetic tests the raw power of the CPU and the processor Multimedia tests the CPU in general multimedia tasks. There can be a slight difference shown between boards speed-wise.

abit f-i90hd sisoft

The results are a little lower here, but not by a significant margin.

abit f-i90hd sisoft multimedia

The SiSoft processor multimedia tests again do not show much of a difference and only a very slight drop on the IN9 32x Max.

Memory Bandwidth and Latency

Core architecture has made the Intel platform perform much better than previous generations. SiSoft was always a benchmark that AMD dominated until Core came out.

abit f-i90hd sisoft bandwidth

The F-I90HD shows a drop in the memory bandwidth although only about the same as the Asus P5B-E plus.

abit f-i90hd sisoft latency

The memory latency is quite a lot higher on the F-I90HD board. It seems the memory subsystem is not the boards strong point.
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Most Recent Comments

16-04-2007, 13:04:44

I think the most impressive part is the letter from Wendell!

Tbh I've quite liked the look of this one since I first saw it, imo it'd be fantastic for a HTPC.Quote

16-04-2007, 13:04:55

sweet looking.. and with the c2d price drops should soon be in my htpc budget Quote

16-04-2007, 13:13:00

One thing I just thought of actually, why did they decide to brand it as a fatality product? Surely they should be for 'hardcore' gamers?Quote

16-04-2007, 13:21:39

Well ye I thought that a bit strange, but I suppose they are trying to market it as a gaming productQuote

16-04-2007, 14:27:21

I'm sure they'd probably make more money marketing it as a HTPC product. Without the fatality branding it'd probably be cheaper and the 690G with HDMI just seems like the perfect HTPC board. Ah well, I'm sure there are some very well paid people in the workd making these kind of desisions.Quote

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