Abit AN-M2HD mATX Motherboard

3DMark and Game tests

3D Mark

To begin testing the 3D capabilities of the board I ran Futuremark's renowned synthetic benchmarking programs, 3DMark05 and 3DMark06. To provide a rough comparison I will compare the AN-M2HD to the F-I90HD again. But when reading the results please bear in mind that the CPU used with the ATI X1250 IGPU on the F-I90HD was far superior to the one tested with this board.

3D Mark 05 gave the IGPU on the board a bit of a hammering to say the least. The stressful test took its toll and this was reflected in the score.

Again, given the extra power of the CPU the F-I90HD outscored the AN-M2HD in 3DMark06. However, the GPU scores were on par with each other.

Gaming Performance

Counterstrike: Source

The second incarnation of the popular half life mod runs off the highly adaptable Source Engine. The game is extremely scalable to match a multitude of system specifications. I tested by playing through a 3 minute timed demo recorded by myself on a server running cpl_fire during a PCW, and measuring the framerates with fraps.
Running at 1024x768 Counter Strike: Source played fairly smoothly. Whilst not the most eye-pleasing of experiences the game was playable on the 7050 chip.
F.E.A.R is a first-person shooter developed by Monolith Productions. While it was released in late 2005, its still one of the more graphically challenging titles about that uses DirectX 9.0c features. To test the AN-M2HDs capabilities I played though a level of the game and once again using fraps. I took a snapshot of 3 minutes from it and recorded the minimum, maximum and average frame rates that the on-board GPU could produce.
As with CSS above I had to lower the resolution for the game to become playable. But at 1024x768, with most of the settings off or low the game became playable. Unfortunately, this meant it was far from the prettiest thing under the tree
The latest incarnation of The Elder Scrolls series has to be one of Dx9's most testing games. Huge landscapes and high-detail models and textures make it challenging for even the most powerful of cards to run smoothly. To test the AN-M2HDs IGPU I took a 3 minute benchmark using fraps. Inside that timeslot I wandered around a cityscape, out into the wild and then entered an inn to get the most accurate feel for how the game would play on this board.
Unfortunately the 7050 didn't really handle Oblivion at all. I had to set the resolution to 640x480 and bring all the settings down as low as they'd go to obtain what was a borderline playable frame rate.
Gaming Summary
With all the setting turned down, CounterStrike: Source and FEAR were more than playable, but seriously lacking in the eye candy department. While this will be well below a lot of enthusiasts standards, its a vast improvement on the older generation of IGPU, where you were lucky to get a few fps on anything remotely 3D. Unfortunately it just wasn't powerful enough to run Oblivion at anywhere near its potential. If someone were to buy this board with the intention of using it in a gaming PC I wouldn't think twice about recommending they make a use of the PCI-E slot and adding in a more capable graphics card.
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20-01-2008, 12:48:46

Good review there, Ham

I might build a second system on a board like that, processor for £40ish and any old ram, bargaintastic!Quote

20-01-2008, 14:15:40

Ye the board is great VFM, even though AM2 get's shown up a littleQuote

20-01-2008, 15:41:23

nice review hambo nice mobo for a budget build..Quote

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