XSPC Raystorm 750 EX240 Watercooling Kit Review

Up Close: X20 750 Dual 5.25

XSPC Raystorm 750 EX240 Watercooling Kit Review


Up Close:  X20 750 Dual 5.25" bay Pump/Reservoir

The X20 750 has been around in one shape or form for a number of years and has established a reputation as something of a classic model in the bay res world.  Having the 750 litre/hour pump located inside the reservoir removes the need to find a separate home for your pump within your case.  Additionally, as the pump essentially surrounded by water, this acts to some degree as a sound deadening medium.

The X20 750 comes with two interchangeable face plates, one in satin black, and the other in aluminium.  Both have a hairline brushed finish.  The face-plates are secured by means of 4 small nickel plated Allen head bolts in the corners.  The face plates each have a slim vertical window down one side to allow viewing of the coolant inside, and the XSPC logo in the bottom right hand corner.  Not only is the design of the face plate sleek and simple, but as XSPC say themselves on their website, it's also easy enough to use it as a template to make your own custom faceplate designs 

XSPC EX240 Watercooling Kit Review     XSPC EX240 Watercooling Kit Review  

Looking at the body of the reservoir in a bit more detail we note that XSPC have used varying thicknesses of clear acrylic in it's construction, with the front being made of a 5mm sheet, the rear from 10mm and the rest of the body from 4mm acrylic.  this presumably is to put the strength where it's most needed whilst keeping the weight (and cost) down.

Looking at the top we see that a simple threaded plastic plug gives access to the filling hole, whilst on the sides we can see that the groove allows easy access into the twin bays for which it is intended.  XSPC have thoughtfully included threaded brass inserts so as to allow for a more secure fixing into your drive bays without risk of over tightening and splitting the acrylic.   Turning our attention to the busineess end of the reservoir we can clearly see the inlet and outlets for the water.  XSPX include bards for these mounts, but have also kindly threaded them a G1/4 so as to allow pretty much any fitting to be used should you so desire.  Whilst round the back it's also worth noting the braided power lead and also the not so obvious holes that allow the accommodation of the supplied 5mm blue LEDs 

XSPC EX240 Watercooling Kit Review     XSPC EX240 Watercooling Kit Review  


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Most Recent Comments

28-06-2012, 08:15:18

Not bad at all, worth the extra £50 over the H100 anyway.Quote

28-06-2012, 12:40:28

im glad to see the performance comparisons. undoubtably, the thin radiator is growing
and that manufacturers are also improving on their goods.
i know there is really no replacemnet for the standard radiator, but are these newer
revisions of thinner radiators "comparable" to the duties of the standard rads?
2°-5°? 10°? 15°?
with the flow of new cases and their bullet-pointed captions of support for water-cooling
really is making for some interesting questions in water-cooling. plus the crowds
are trying to make water-cooling the band-aid for either a bad over-clock or
wrong system design. i can see where the thin maybe in.. but for serious
usage of water-cooling for looks and function, i can not see the standard
radiator being replaced for the proper way to water-cool a system.


28-06-2012, 17:04:15

Fantastic results again from XSPC. Some people really hate the idea of "pre-made custom kits" but XSPC have been on to a winner for a good while now and I'm impressed to see that this 240 rad has come so close to the old RS360.

I was an owner of a RS360 kit for a good while as my first WC kit and I couldn't have been any happier. This does the same thing in a smaller package.

For the record I had absolutely no issue with the 750 pump either. For 6 months it ran perfectly and silently. If people are getting noise it's because they are surely failing to bleed properly, or mounting the res poorly. Highly recommended.Quote

28-06-2012, 17:11:27

Originally Posted by Master&Puppet View Post
If people are getting noise it's because they are surely failing to bleed properly, or mounting the res poorly. Highly recommended.
10-4 'dat...


28-06-2012, 19:06:40

This looks great! definitely the kind of thing i'd wanna try when i first venture into water cooling. I wonder if it'd fit well in a 600T i'll admit i get a bit confused about radiator sizes i.e 240 vs 360 is it the thickness?

Sorry to sound dumbQuote

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