Thermaltake Big Typhoon



Now, considering how massive this thing is, it looks like motherboard removal will be necessary for installation. However, because I was curious, I attempted to do an in-case installation. An important thing to note is that in order to use the normal mounting hardware, you need to have a metal backplate. Some motherboard manufacturers such as DFI, use a custom plastic backplate. The difference between these two besides build material is that the retention stands for the screws are higher on the metal one. With the plastic one, the stands are too low for the screws to reach. In this case, you either have to get yourself a new backplate, or use the one that Thermaltake includes with their package. Installation of this backplate is explained on the installation manual. Thankfully, my board had the normal metal backplate.

First step is to remove the stock retention platform. This is easily done by unscrewing the two screws on either side and pulling it off. It should look something like this after:

Stock retention removed

Next comes the application of the thermal paste. If you use the stock paste that is included, you should spread a thin layer on top of the processors Integrated Heatspreader (IHS). However, for my testing purposes, I used the leading brand of thermal paste: Arctic Silver 5. For this, application is as simple as a rice-sized dot of the paste in the middle of the IHS. I dabbed the extra paste stuck to the tube around the dot for good measure.

Thermal Paste Applied

Next step calls for putting the H-clip onto the heatsink and then placing the heatsink onto the processor. However, I found that it was easier to place the heatsink on the CPU before putting the H-clip in place. Then you just screw the screws in as tightly as possible and you're done! While Thermaltake makes this step sound easy, it's really a large pain. The fin area is so huge that it gets in the way of the screwdriver; thus you have to screw it in while the screwdriver is at an angle! This makes it hard to be sure that the screws are tightened as much as possible. I would suggest using a flat-head screwdriver for final tightening as you can fit the head into the screw much more securely with it. Also, it would be nice if it were possible for the H-clip to actually be fixed to the center of the heatsink so that you just have to line up the screws to make sure the heatsink is centered on the processor.

Screwdriver difficulties

Installed in case Clearance from side

From that last shot, we can see that there is only about an inch of clearance between the fan and the side of the case. This could lead to breathing issues. In anticipation of this, I cut a 120mm fan hole right over the heatsink. However, I will test with a solid side just to see whether it was necessary.

Well, despite those difficulties, this beast is installed and ready to go. We now know that it is quite possible to do an in-case install. I even uninstalled it just to make sure that would be possible too. In a smaller case, things could get quite cramped; however I believe that it is easier due to the fact that you don't have to deal with motherboard removal and reinstallation. Now let's see whether this labor was worth it!
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Most Recent Comments

23-04-2006, 07:41:26

Rumor has it that lapping the base on those babies is a must for optimal performance.

Great review mate!Quote

23-04-2006, 08:30:46

Nice piece of writting WC. Puts everything bar the ninja to shame size wise i think...Quote

23-04-2006, 08:32:25

WC Annihilus
Also possibly the Tuniq Tower. I'm debating whether to add results when switchin the fan to med speed Panaflo or not...Quote

23-04-2006, 10:36:36

why not lap it and rerun the tests to se how big of a change it does ?Quote

23-04-2006, 13:18:40

Nice review WC

Very thorough testing.


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