Thermalright Ultra-90 K8


<script type="text/javascript" src=""></script> Posted 5/4/2006
Author: Nicholas Sarpolis (NickS)
Hardware Acquired: Jab-Tech


The XP-90 is quite a large heatsink, but cools the mosfets to the left of it, and can be rotated 180º to cool RAM if wanted.  I have a dedicated fan for my RAM though, as it gets very hot under load.  After removing the XP-90 & its custom retention module, I've re-installed the stock retention module and applied a blob of Arctic Silver 5 to my CPU.  Now it's time to install the Ultra-90. Getting the heatsink installed was by far harder than installing the XP-90.  The way the Ultra-90 mounts, it allows the heatsink to rotate 180º fairly easily, even when fully secured down. When installing, my hand would nudge it and it'd move, which was very annoying.  Upon getting it mounted, I noticed there will be a bit more stress on the motherboard around the socket, so be careful when moving your case.  One quick jolt could send your heatsink flying.

During testing, I encountered problems with my RAM (when OC'ed) overheating, so for the Ultra-90 to have proper load results, a fan needed to be rigged in to blow on my RAM which was getting painfully hot to the touch.  With my XP-90, I usually have a fan mounted right on my ram, but with the Ultra-90, you cannot do this. This might cause problems for users like me, with hot running OC'ed ram.

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Most Recent Comments

04-05-2006, 19:47:49

WC Annihilus
Not too bad. However, this review seemed fairly laid back or something, much more casual. Not necessarily a bad thing. Also, when talking about test setup and method, you should say how long you let it sit for idle and load. I know you photoed that into your screenshots, but I prefer it all being stated before the testing screenies. That's personal preference though. Besides that, nice job

Edit: Upon a more thorough reading, I'm sorry to say I've come to dislike it You misspelled necessarily and necessary. I really feel you should spell out everything fully instead of using all of those abbreviations. You should have capitalized Ballistix. The overall organization seemed off and it just doesn't seem to flow. This is not a flame or anything of the sort. I just have a bit of a habit of stating things very bluntly.Quote

04-05-2006, 21:55:43

I'm going to have to agree... The review only took a couple of hours for Nick to fully test and complete, doesn't seem long enough to be a solid official review.Quote

05-05-2006, 05:19:13

Review taken down for a bit of moderation. Will be back later.Quote

05-05-2006, 05:31:36

i dont think its too bad, idle and load times are shown nicely in a graph Quote

05-05-2006, 08:15:23

I think I corrected it all, and I re-enabled it. Take a look


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