Thermalright HR-05 Northbridge Cooler

Test Setup and Installation Notes

Test Setup

For the testing I used the following PC Specifications:

Intel Core2Duo E6600 @ 3.37
DFI ICFX3200 RD600-based Motherboard (running 375 x 9)
Mushkin HP2 6400
Hitachi 7K160 SATA 300 HDD
Sound Blaster X-Fi Fatal1ty FPS
Custom Watercooling
Lian Li PC75b Customised <<|Black3D|>>

North Bridge Coolers used:

stock cooler with fan  icfx3200 stock cooler

Stock ICFX3200 Plated Aluminium Cooler with 80mm Fan

Thermalright HR05 (Passive)

I used ITE Smart Guardian to monitor temperature. Whilst this is not 100% accurate, it is good to use as a comparison and a thermal probe backed up the temperatures to whithin a degree centigrade, including the temperature difference.

Ambient temperature was 22.7°C.

Artic Ceramique was used for both coolers.

Idle temperature was taken after 30minutes of running time and monitored for 30minutes. Load temperature was taken after 30minutes of Orthos (Dual Prime95 stress test), running a blend test to stress RAM and CPU.


The installation onto the ICFX3200 was very easy. I placed the foam spacer onto the North Bridge and made sure it stuck down.

The clips that come for Intel 775 (hoop connectors) don't look like they will hold much at all. Once the cooler is in place they also allow for some slight movement. However after using watercooling on several North Bridges I have concluded that tightening very hard down on a North Bridge does not work very well, so I don't see this as a problem.

The HR05 is very easy to install after this, especially after I have had a few hours frustration installing various different coolers to several different boards. Whilst the boards "loop" connectors aren't a very good installation solution, Thermalright seem to have made the best of a bad job.

thermalright hr05 installed  thermalright hr05 installed

I chose to have the cooler at a slight angles like this as it seemed to have better contact like that. It did rotate slightly more thus avoiding the graphics card by quite a way, but i did not see this as a problem as the distance between the two is sufficient enough for me not to worry about shorting etc. Note that the ICFX3200 has the North Bridge very close to the top PCI-e x16 slot and most other motherboards would give the cooler significantly more space.

thermalright hr05

Here you can see the foam insert and the slight angle that the cooler seems to rest the best at.

Overall installation was very easy, especially for a North Bridge cooler and I was thoroughly impressed.
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Most Recent Comments

08-02-2007, 20:49:22

Nice review m8 Quote

08-02-2007, 21:05:30

Another EXCELLENT review. I was really surprised when I opened the box and saw how big mine was.

I also like how they have 2 versions (straight and offset)

Also like you pointed out it is beautifully made (especially compared to other finned Chipset coolers).Quote

08-02-2007, 22:13:47

good review mate

it could of been better if you also tested it with a decent 70mm fan on it


08-02-2007, 22:28:14

Originally Posted by name='Raging'
good review mate

it could of been better if you also tested it with a decent 70mm fan on it

awesome review as always kemp, we all know ur busy, would be pretty cool to see what temps would be with a fan on it.Quote

08-02-2007, 22:41:49

Originally Posted by name='markkleb'
Also like you pointed out it is beautifully made (especially compared to other finned Chipset coolers).
Thermalright spare no expense when creating their heatsinks, they are definitely of the highest quality without question.Quote

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