Swiftech H220 AIO Review


Swiftech H220 AIO Review


Intel i7 3930k
[email protected] 1.1v (undervolted)
4.0GHz @ 1.25v
4.4GHz @ 1.35v
4.6GHz @ 1.45v
Gigabyte X79 UD3
Corsair Vengeance LP Memory
Corsair HX850 V2
Corsair Force GT 60GB
Coolermaster Storm Trooper

So we have arranged our tests to gradually get more and more strenuous, with a 2011 system able to put out a huge amount of heat we needed a basic test for basic coolers. Most CPU's at stock don't need stock volts and many people don't realise this. We have managed to get our 3930K running at stock at just 1.1v. This is 100% stable and will be our initial baseline test.

We run all of our tests in the same way, only the fan speeds and the overclocks differ. We use OCCT in Linpack X64, AVX compatible with all logical cores tested and 90% free memory utilised. We have set the test up so its simply a click and run affair, there is a 10minute idle period for the system to settle followed by a 30minute torture test. We have allowed a 5 minute cool down to the end of the test to round the total test time to 45minutes. 

We have set an upper limit of 80C as a maximum, OCCT has a feature that it will stop the test if temperatures exceed this limit. During testing we have noticed that it fails if one of the cores hits 82C. Never the less if the program halts the test we consider this a failed run. In all of the H220 tests both the pump and the fans were run @12v.

Swiftech H220 AIO Review 

Moving on to the 4GHz test, this is at 1.25v which is pretty close to what boards run at when left on 'auto'. If you are a regular on our forums you'll know how many times we end up telling beginners auto DOES NOT mean stock when overclocking!!! This does make quite a large difference in temperatures though with over a 10c increasing being seen on most coolers over our stock test. This is a good comparison for a basic overclock. 


Swiftech H220 AIO Review 

Our 4.4GHz run has the volts increased again to 1.35v, this does put a lot of demand on the cooler and only good performing heatsinks should make it into this graph with decent temps. You can see the D14 and the H100 both dipping there toes into the 70C averages here showing that they are getting close to the limits of our acceptable maximum.


Swiftech H220 AIO Review

Finally our 4.6GHz test. Don't be fooled, this is an extreme test and the graph reflects this, you will only see the cream of the crop featured in this graph. The most surprising result here for us was that the H80i passed this test, quite the achievement considering both the 140mm units, the H100 and the NH-D14 all failed.



      Swiftech H220 AIO Review  

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Most Recent Comments

25-02-2013, 10:39:24

Yay, thanks!
Will read it once I'm homeQuote

25-02-2013, 11:43:00

I have to say I'm quite disappointed with this unit, I expected it to be much better tbhQuote

25-02-2013, 11:46:29

What an orrible looking unit such a shame really.Quote

25-02-2013, 11:58:09

I look performance on 4.6GHz and for me that is enough.
Same I am disappointed...
Good old H100 if you want cooler for one platform. Because this is throwing money for custom loop. For that money you can buy almost, D5 Koolance PMP-450 and XSPC Dual Bay Res for D5 Vario...If you want GPU and CPU under water this is minimum... For proper water cooling...




Now situation is clear, Hydro series forever or real loop, no kits, combinations,... carefull choose parts, pay twice like H220 but you have system for every platform.Quote

25-02-2013, 12:00:54

tbh i think the h100i looks better and now we seen the performance of this its a no brainer..

if i had the cash and a case that i didnt have to mod to fit one of these i would choose the h100i over the swiftech on pure looks alone + price/performance i.e bang for buck..Quote

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