Silverstone SG08 Review

The Build

Silverstone SG08


The Build

I was actually quite hesitant when it came time to build into the SG08.  Having seen the amount of space the PSU cables and the PSU itself were taking up I wasn't entirely convinced there would be enough room inside for for my hands let alone the hardware.  But as you'll soon see I needn't have worried.

Having access on three sides means that the case is very easy to work on.  You do need to have a bit of a think about what order you do things in, but it's no biggy if you get a bit out of sync.  First thing to do is mount your HDD into the 3.5" bay.  No tool-less mounting, just nice simple screws and rubber isolation grommets.  The bay is then slid into the area above the PSU and is again located by screws with rubber isolation grommets.  Next in is the motherboard, again many thanks to Zotacfor the loan of the rather tasty M880G-ITX Wifi.  The integrated custom PSU has a single 12V rail and has all the basic essential connections for a case of this size without overdoing it and leaving you with far more cables than you need.  The picture below right should give you a good idea of what's on offer however for full details of connectivity and PSU features please see the Technical Specifications page. 

Silverstone SG08     Silverstone SG08  


HDD and motherboard in we start to connect up the power to the Mobo.  The PSU has a split 20+4 pin main ATX and a split 2x4 pin ATX for the PSU area.  As I'm not putting a separate GPU in I won't need to use either of the 2 6+2pin PCI cables.  Next comes the power reset switches, always a fiddle but thanks to the access actually less so than in a conventional case.  Followed by the Audio and USB via the adapter.  Please note that in the image below left, the case isn't bent, I'm just using the very wide angle of my lens which does tent to cause a small distortion sometimes. 

Silverstone SG08     Silverstone SG08  


Everything in place and hooked up were good to go.  I'm actually quite pleased with the cable management job I've done in such a small area.  Conveniently there is a bit of a space towards one side of the PSU for unused cables to be coiled up and stored.  There's even the odd cable tie mount in the base of the case.   However if you were to use a dedicated GPU then you'd have to find somewhere else to stash the cables as the would protrude into this area.  Talking of GPUs, although some users of this case are simply going to be opting for Mini ITX Mobos and processors with built in GPUs, it's worth bearing in mind that this case is capable of providing you with so much more.  The observant amongst you will have noticed the twin expansion slots at the back and be wondering just how big a GPU you can fit in this little chap.  Well wonder no more, as I can tell you it will accept a twin slot GPU up to 12.2 inches in length.  In real money that means that a twin slot 7970 or 580 will fit fine.  In fact all the way up to the 5970 which comes in at exactly 12.2".    

 Silverstone SG08     Silverstone SG08   

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Most Recent Comments

06-03-2012, 05:32:18

Josh Weston
A most excellent review, sir!

I am pretty damn sure the front of that case shall me literally bullet proof with the 10mm of aluminium

Thankyou for taking the time to review this.Quote

06-03-2012, 05:35:03

Another brilliant case from Silverstone Quote

06-03-2012, 06:37:30

Wow, I'm liking the GPU headroom space. If only there were more HDD space...Quote

06-03-2012, 09:19:54

Love the look of this case. I might wonder how loud and hot it would be with dual gpu cards in it, specially if it was used as a media center.Quote

09-03-2012, 15:07:18

I still have this calling to SFF cases. I really like the idea of them but here I am stuck with my big ugly cooler master. Even if I dont end up going SFF on my next pc, I am for sure gona buy either a Lian Li, Silverstone or Corsair case. Gotta love that clean slick styleQuote

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