Raijintek Styx Aluminium MATX Case Review


Raijintek Styx Review


Having reviewed the Metis we we're really quite excited to get our overclocking mitts on the larger M-ATX based Styx.  Measuring just 210x360x335mm it’s still pretty compact, and to look at is just a fraction bigger than the Prodigy.  That is though where any comparison ends, as where the prodigy is steel and plastic the Styx oozes quality though its Hair silk anodised Aluminium panelling, it also has a fit and finish that would make Lian-li blush.  The candy apple red we have for review is a particular favourite of ours, but if it's not to your taste then there's always the Silver, Gold, Blue or Green.  Hell, there's even a Black for all you die hard traditionalists out there, and should you decide for some reason you don't want a window then fear-yee-not, you can buy the version that doesn't have one, so there!

Unscrewing the tiny screws that retain the flat Aluminium side panels reveals an interior that is, as you might expect, more than a bit cramped.  Some might call it bijou, we don't, we call it cramped.  But then if you want a lot of kit in a compact chassis what do you expect.  The PSU is mounted at the front of the case, in an inverted position with its rear facing down.  The motherboard is also mounted inverted beside the PSU.  As the Motherboard is inverted, the PCI slots are above the CPU which means the GPU will also be towards the top of the case.  A frame extends from the front to the rear of the case which is able to hold up to 2x3.5" drives or 2x2.5" drives.  An additional 3.5" drive can be located in the floor, although depending on the location of your 8 pin CPU socket, this may not be that usable.  Round the reverse side of the motherboard there's also a couple of 2.5" stealth mounts, but with just 12mm of cable management room back there you're going to have to be rather creative to get the cables to work for you.

All of which brings us onto the big question of water cooling.  Now, normally we either say "Yes" or "No".  However, and as you might have guessed, things aren't that simple with the Styx.  You see there's a great deal of interplay between the GPU, the Rad and the PSU.  Let's explain.  If your GPU is less than 250mm long, and has the power sockets on the side you will be able to mount it in the PCI slot closest to you CPU without it hitting the PSU and as such will have in the region of 100mm of water cooling headroom to play with.  If your GPU is longer than 250mm, but less than 280mm long, and of course has the sockets on the side, but your PSU is no more than 150mm long then you will still be able to use the fist PCI socket and have oodles of rad room (you just might need to be a bit clever with the cable management).  If however your GPU is 280mm long and you have a PSU longer than 150mm then you will most likely have to use a distal PCI socket and so the amount of room you have for a rad and fans will be drastically reduced to the point where it ceases to be a practical consideration.  So there you go, simple really.

But do we like the Styx?  We do actually, water cooling hassles aside we think it's a very well made, classy looking case.  At £64.99 it's on the steep side, but if you're keen to have one we happen to know OCUK are doing them for £54.95 at the moment, which isn't half bad.

And so to the award.  We'd like to give it a Gold, and it's so very close, unfortunately it misses out on account of the water cooling issues and the less than brilliant cable management.  It's not a bad case by any means, it's just that our standards here at OC3D mean we can only give Gold's to those that tick all our boxes.

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Most Recent Comments

22-10-2015, 06:26:57

I wonder what the green one looks like, what type of green is it?Quote

22-10-2015, 06:34:31

Originally Posted by Oseth View Post
I wonder what the green one looks like, what type of green is it?
You ask like we have every single colour to hand lolQuote

22-10-2015, 06:35:45

Someone needs to mod a proper, full size acrylic window into that case. That would look epic. Maybe a project for ColdZero...Quote

22-10-2015, 06:48:30

I do quite like what Raijintek are doing, although this case is just a bigger version of the Metis, immediately making it look like a Prodigy M ripoff and I hated that case Quote

22-10-2015, 07:04:31

Originally Posted by MadShadow View Post
Someone needs to mod a proper, full size acrylic window into that case. That would look epic. Maybe a project for ColdZero...
If you did, all you'd see was the side of the PSU and a dirty great HDD rack.

Please use multi-quote

Originally Posted by Oseth View Post
I wonder what the green one looks like, what type of green is it?
Follow the link in the review to the OCUK.Quote

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