Raijintek Paean Review


Raijintek Paean Review


The Raijintek Paean is different.  Perhaps not unique, but certainly different.  There are now quite a few cases out there that make use of the open frame architecture design, and no end of cases that bathe in the beauty of large expanses of tempered glass.  There are though very few, if any, that combine the two as well as the Paean does.  

You've maybe noticed that we haven't begun the conclusion by giving you a brief run through of the specification of the case.  That's because this case isn't really about specification, it's about the aesthetic, and it's about the quality of the build.  In the introduction, we asked whether the Paean was form over function, and on the whole, we're pleased to say it isn't.  Why "on the whole"?  Well because you can't really go out and buy the Paean assuming it's a slightly different looking alternative to a normal ATX mid tower case.  You very much have to be aware that if you're buying this case, then you're doing so because you want to build a stunning custom loop and want to show it off to yourself, and any fellow enthusiasts who happen to wander past your abode.  OK, you could put an air cooler in it, but you're limited to 140mm in height, and let's be honest, who's going to buy this and stick a tower cooler in it, no matter how pretty the cooler.  So what about an AIO?  Nope, the distance between the CPU and the radiator mounting brackets precludes that option.  Custom loop it is then.  On the plus side Raijintek have added in mounts for cylinder reservoirs and pumps so they're got you covered there.

If you're absolutely screaming for the specs, then head back to the first page, because with this case being such a thing of beauty we aren't about to sully the conclusion by discussing such vulgar matters.  Suffice to say, there is enough function to support the form, again with the caveat that you really are going to have to go custom loop with it.

At a push, you could hold off attaching the glass panels, and use the case as a desk top test bed, it'd do the job just fine, just so long as you could cope with the gut wrenching guilt of having a pair of stunning 5mm thick tempered glass panels gathering dust under your bed, beautiful, but never gazed upon.  Seriously, don't buy this case and use it as a test bed, to do so would be sacrilegious. 

So are there any down sides?  well of course there are, there are quite a few compromises to be made if you're going to own one of these.  For starters, it'll only take one radiator, and as we've said won't take AIOs or decent air coolers.  You're going to have to be fastidious with your wiring, and of course be prepared for the fact that the Paean is going to be the worlds biggest dust magnet, but such is the price of beauty.  Talking of price, the Paean romps home at £150, whic to be honest isn't too bad, and if you're the sort of chap who's splashing out on a custom loop, that £150 is but a drop in the ocean.

We like the Paean, we like it a great deal, What more can we say?  Well let's put it this way, my wife is used to seeing me review a different PC case nearly every week.  Having walked into the room she took one look at the Paean and said, "God that's nice, it's so nice to see something different to the usual black boxes you usually review".  Need I say more. 


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03-03-2017, 17:11:08

Great review Gary. Always a pleasure

Lovely case too. Quickly becoming one of my fave manus. I absolutely loved my little Metis.Quote

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