Raijintek ORCUS RGB 240mm AIO Preview

Unboxing - What's in the box?

Raijintek ORCUS RGB 240mm AIO Preview

Unboxing - What's in the box?

Packaging-wise, the ORCUS RGB is very similar to other competing AIOs, shipping in a pre-formed cardboard package where everything sits inside in their allocated location. Pretty standard fare when it comes to AIOs. 

Upon opening the box, we first noticed that the unit ships with a bottle of extra coolant, which when combined with the Orcus' two bleed screws allows the unit to be refilled. There isn't enough fluid to in Raijintek's bottle to completely refill the AIO, though it is enough for more than a few top-ups if air ever finds its way into the cooler. Don't worry; the unit comes pre-filled, we checked.  

Raijintek ORCUS RGB 240mm AIO Preview

The Raijintek ORCUS is one of the few AIO liquid coolers that doesn't come with a pump/block combo, giving Raijintek an opportunity to focus on block design and integrate a neat water flow indicator into it. This feature will allow users to quickly assess whether or not their pump is working or procrastinate by watching the wheel turn round and round.

A single wire comes out of the ORCUS' CPU block, which is a 4-pin RGB LED cable, which can connect to the unit's Control hub or directly to a 4-pin RGB connection within your system. Raijintek says that these 4-pin RGB headers are compatible with ASUS' Aura software.

Raijintek ORCUS RGB 240mm AIO Preview

The pump of the ORCUS is integrated onto the tubing of the AIO, sitting closer to the radiator than the CPU, in a location where pump vibration will be dampened before reaching any other system components. This design decision will eliminate most vibration noise caused by the unit, as the pump has nothing to rattle against. 

This pump is powered by a standard 3-pin fan power cable, which can easily be routed to your motherboard's CPU fan connector or behind your motherboard tray to a fan controller. 

Raijintek ORCUS RGB 240mm AIO Preview


Aside from the block/pump design, the ORCUS is very similar to most modern AIOs, with a standard 240mm radiator and braided tubing/hoses. What sets the ORCUS RGB apart is its RGB functionality, which offers a level of lighting control that can only be rivalled by their competitors in software. Raijintek's solution can function outside of software using handy remote control.  

Raijintek ORCUS RGB 240mm AIO Preview  
Raijintek's fans are not too different to a lot of RGB fans on the market, with transparent blades and fifteen integrated RGB LEDs. 4-pin PWM connections power both of these fans, while the RGB components of these fans are powered by 4-pin RGB connections, which can connect to the user's motherboard or the unit's included control hub. 

Those who would prefer not to use the fans' RGB functionality can just avoid hooking these connectors into anything, allowing these fans to operate as if the RGB craze never existed. 

Raijintek ORCUS RGB 240mm AIO Preview  

Within the package, there is an 8-port RGB controller/hub, which can be used to convey commands Raijintek's bundled remote control or using another 4-pin RGB header, likely from an RGB compatible motherboard. Control an either be from 4-pin sources of Raijintek's remote control, as controlled by a switch on the controller. 

Raijintek ORCUS RGB 240mm AIO Preview  

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Most Recent Comments

08-03-2018, 09:24:32

Not gonna lie, I really like their ideas! Although I'm not sure if the pump placement was a good choice, but we'll see! Would be perfect if it supported all RGB systems and not only ASUS', but still.

It also seems like many people tend to forget about RGB that you can simply turn it off... The only missing thing would be an opaque or stealth mode, which would turn the transparent material opaque, but that's a thing of the future :PQuote

08-03-2018, 11:26:28

like the looks something different. A thought or question if you got a gpu block could you get the right size fittings that the hose on this uses and cut the tubing and connect it in to a gpu blockQuote

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