Raijintek Ereboss Black Review

Up Close: Slim-line Fan and Assembled Cooler

Raijintek Ereboss Black Review

Up Close:  Slim-line Fan and Assembled Cooler

Unlike most fans which are 25mm think the Ereboss unit measures just 13mm in thickness.  With such a big heat sink behind it, the aim of course of using a slim fan is to limit the RAM infringements that could be caused with a standard thickness unit.  As we'll see however when we move to fitting the Ereboss in the case, all doesn't go as planned.

Raijintek Ereboss Black Review     Raijintek Ereboss Black Review


The fan is attached to the heatsink by four rubber isolation mounts.  One end of which is pushed then pulled like a stretched worm through the hole in the cowling and then rotated so that the 90 degree plug on the other end faces in towards where the fin stack will be as seen below right

Raijintek Ereboss Black Review     Raijintek Ereboss Black Review


These 90 degree lugs are then inserted into key hole cut outs on the top and bottom of the fin stack.  The top fit isn't very positive, with the lugs inclined to slip further down the stack than you intend.

Raijintek Ereboss Black Review     Raijintek Ereboss Black Review     


The real problems begin however when you come to insert the bottom lugs as the spacing between the top and bottom lugs aren't quite the same as the distance between the top and bottom of the fin stack.  As you can see from the images below a certain amount of jiggling took place to make the fan fit the stack, leaving us with quite an ugly result.  Shame the people that made the fan weren't given the dimensions by the chaps that made the heat sink. 

Raijintek Ereboss Black Review     Raijintek Ereboss Black Review


Following our jiggery pokery and a certain amount of effing and jeffing we did at least get the fan to go on and more importantly stay on.  As you can see it's quite a bit bigger than the heatsink.  In fact, we suspect a 120mm unit would do just as good a job as it's effective airflow would be very similar.

Raijintek Ereboss Black Review     Raijintek Ereboss Black Review


Being a slim line fan it's down a bit on static pressure from what we would expect, garnering only 1.24mmH20.  Stated noise levels though are worryingly high at 24dB(A).

Raijintek Ereboss Black Review     Raijintek Ereboss Black Review  


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Most Recent Comments

27-08-2014, 06:34:18

£30 savings over the darkrock is worth a bit of a fiddle, you could buy a long screwdriver and a decent fan and get change from that.Quote

27-08-2014, 11:05:57

Looks a lot like the HR-02/HR-02 Macho.Quote

27-08-2014, 12:21:40

Pretty poor work on the fan mounting but given its size I'd say it'll be a good option for passive cooling.Quote

27-08-2014, 12:39:35

I hate those stupid rubber fan mounts. I prefer the metal spring clips to be honest. (mounting and re mounting never seems to be as easy with the rubber ones) still if it performs well its definitely a better option than the lower end aio's "imo" and at £30 its a really good price. cant see much wrong with it to be honest. personal id change to a 120mm fan probably wouldn't worry that much about the static pressure as the fins don't really look like they are that close together soid probably aim for a CFM focused fan with lower rpm, Then stick them in push pull. id imagine you could get the system acceptably cool with lower noise levels like that.Quote

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