Raijintek Asterion Plus Case Review


Raijintek Asterion Review


The Asterion has a good 180mm of head space, so should you choose to go for a traditional tower blower pretty much anything on the market will fit.  As usual we've used our Havik 120 so as to give you a basis for comparison with other cases.

Raijintek Asterion Review  



What you really want to know though is how well the Asterion lends itself to water cooling.  Well let's just say very well, very well indeed.  We know you can get a 360 or a 280 in the front, but just how much space is there before you hit the edge of the false floor.  90mm, that's how much, which, let's be honest is plenty for a 40mm thick 360 rad in push pull, or a thicker 65mm thick rad with just one set of fans.

Raijintek Asterion Review  



If you fit a 240 or 280 rad and mount it higher up as we have here, there really is very little limit on how thick you can go, even taking into account a long GPU we reckon there's still room for a Monsta thick rad in push pull.  To put a numerical value on things, you've actually got a staggering 230mm of space between the inner edge of the case and the edge of the motherboard.

Raijintek Asterion Review  



As we said, it's also possible to fit a 360 in there.  We know a lot of you don't like the look of rads dropping below the false floor, but hey, at least you have the option.  Probably the most important thing to note on this image though is the amount of space available at the top.  Why is this important?  Well it means that you can fit a big rad in the front as well as a big rad in the roof without the two impinging on each other.  Having got the tape measure out again we found that there's a good 450mm of space in the front, so if you're handy with a Dremel we think it's entirely possible to mod the case to accept a 420mm rad.  Allowing for end tanks, It'll be tight, and it will limit your scope for a second large rad in the roof, but it should be possible.

Raijintek Asterion Review  



There's obviously not as much space up in the roof, but there's still a good 60mm to play with, which we think is more than enough.

Raijintek Asterion Review  



As with the front of the case you can fit a 280mm or 360mm rad up here, and although push pull isn't an option any rad up to 35mm combined with a standard set of fans should be fine.

Raijintek Asterion Review  



 As there's no off-set, that 60mm figure is a firm one so there's no wiggle room.  As you can see though, a 360mm rad fits up there just fine.

Raijintek Asterion Review  

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Most Recent Comments

18-01-2017, 10:24:38

Ooooh the exterior looks very clean, Kind of reminds me of the EVGA Hardon Air, Sleek lines.Quote

18-01-2017, 10:49:37

I have to agree that is a rather pretty case.

Originally Posted by Dicehunter View Post
Ooooh the exterior looks very clean, Kind of reminds me of the EVGA Hardon Air, Sleek lines.
Whatever floats your boatQuote

18-01-2017, 15:21:52

Hear hear. Nice review Gary.

I was bowled over by my Metis for the money it cost. I loved how everything was perfectly symmetrical too so you could orientate it however you wished (inverted, window right or left etc) it really was awesome. And I also loved how it pretty much stripped down into nothing too. No rivets in sight and every single last panel was separate.

The front panel on it is amazing too. 5mm alu IIRC. Sod to cut into though !Quote

18-01-2017, 22:47:34

Really nice. I wonder if they'll be released in a range of colours like their smaller ones were? The black and the plain Aluminium would look nice but they did a really nice blue in the Metis.Quote

19-01-2017, 04:13:34

this is probably the first thing Raijintek have releases that hasn't had the "meh" factor. most of their stuff has looked cheap, tacky or a rip off but this is quite a nice looking case.
When is Tom going to give you a GPU upgrade for your reviews? Quote

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