NZXT H440 Custom Colour Swap

NZXT H440 Face/Swap

NZXT H440 Face/Off

NZXT H440 Face/Swap


We all have crazy ideas sometimes TTL especially, when a particular idea comes to mind it is very difficult to get that thought out of your head until you take action. 

Tom has had the upgrade bug for a long time now, waiting patiently for just the right product to give him the kick he needs to get started with Orca's replacement, but until then he needs something to bridge the gap between his two heavily modified rigs, this is where the Interim Project comes in.

For a powerful office rig we need a case that does two things, firstly offers silent operations and secondly, being a rig that is intended for Tiny Tom Logan, it has to be red and white.  


NZXT H440 Face/Swap  

Our eyes immediately flew over to NZXT's H400 chassis, the first winner of TTL's prestigious White Gold award, but out of all the potential colour option NZXT could have released a white and red option has never made it to the market. Never being a man to be beaten easily there was one simple answer to the problem, if you can't buy one why not make one?



We managed to convince NZXT to send us a black and Red H440 in order for us to make our dreams of a custom white and red H440 come true, and in the process also make what we now call the NZXT H440 Stealth Edition, which will be an all black version of the chassis. 

The idea is simple, take both cases apart and replace everything that is black on the white case with it's red equivalents on the black case, which turned out to be a much simpler process than was originally anticipated. 

To take off all the red and black plastic parts of these cases, all that needed to be done was removed few screws and pull a few tabs open, even the plastic section on the H440's PSU shroud was very easy to access and remove. After both cases were taken apart we simply needed to put it all back together in reverse order, creating the H440 "TTL Edition" and the all black H440 "Stealth". 

The entire process is detailed in out video and was done from start to finish around an hour, and that was including filming the video.  


NZXT H440 Face/Swap  NZXT H440 Face/Swap  NZXT H440 Face/Swap  NZXT H440 Face/Swap   NZXT H440 Face/Swap  



When it comes to cases we at OC3D love to make something that is a little different, make a case something that is unique and that we could truly call our own. This is why we built the NZXT H440 TTL Edition and you certainly will be seeing a lot more of it in the future. 

We do know that Buying two cases in order to cannibalize one for parts is not financial feasible for most people, but at the end of the day we do still have 2 cases, one of which could potentially be resold as a custom case so that you could be left with the colour choice that you desire. You may even be able to find the right person that would pay you a bit more over retail to have something unique. Or on an outside chance find someone online that is willing to swap their coloured panels with you?

We are very happy with both cases that we have been left with, to a point that we wonder why NZXT have not made a retail version of the NZXT H440 Stealth, especially since it would likely have more appeal to end users than even their black and red model. 

With how simple the disassembly and reassembly process is we wonder why NZXT has not offered coloured upgrade kits, or why modders have not  custom painted these parts more often. 

We are very proud of what we have achieved here with these two cases in such a short amount of time, and even think that we have created a new SKU for NZXT with the all black H440 Stealth Edition.  

What do you think of the NZXT H440 "TTL Edition" and the H440 "Stealth"? Do you think that NZXT should produce a retail edition of our all black H440 Stealth? You can join the discussion on our NZXT H440 Face/Swap on the OC3D Forums.   

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Most Recent Comments

21-08-2015, 11:30:41

Yay, a modding video! Great to see that you listen to the community Quote

21-08-2015, 11:33:02

Kettle on, hobnobs out, feet up, and..... go.Quote

21-08-2015, 11:43:05

I has my Coffee gonna read and watch this. Then I need to get more work done on the Z97-A rig.

EDIT: I just love the black one its simple but beautiful . I would also like to see more modding videos on OC3D.Quote

21-08-2015, 11:43:42

I'm sorry to say Tom, but I actually prefer the all black one! Quote

21-08-2015, 11:44:00

The red+white one looks properly lush!
We might see NZXT rolling out full black ones now that you mentioned it Tom!Quote

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