Nexus NHP-2200 Northbridge Cooler



To test the NHP-2200 I used a Laser thermal probe mounted between the sink and the chip, as close to the core as I could possibly get without disturbing the mounting.


Firstly I set the voltage for the 650i to its default 1.2v and booted into Windows. Within about 10 minutes the temperature has rocketed up to 70°C and was still rising, so I shut the machine down before any damage occurred. This was extremely disappointing as it showed that the heatsink just couldn't handle the load that the 650i output passively. The airflow in my P180 should have been more than adequate with all the fans on the maximum setting to cool a passive heatsink, but alas, this was not the case with the NHP-2200.

Undeterred, I then sat a Yate Loon 80mm fan over the the heatsink too see how well it would perform with some air flowing directly over it.


Seeing a stable temperature on boot I went ahead and tested the heatsink. To create a load situation I ran Orthos for 30 minutes, while idle tests were performed 30 minutes after the computer had been switched on, but left doing nothing. I tested the heatsink with the chipset at its stock 1.2v and the elevated 1.5v that I use for overclocking. Idle temperature was recorded at 26°C throughout the tests.

Results with an 80mm fan


As you can see, having a fan blowing over the NHP-2200 gave fantastic performance results. Keeping the chip well within its operating parameters at stock and sub-40 deg C at 1.5v. It was effective enough to keep the 650i practically the same temperature at idle and load.

Overall I have mixed feelings about the performance of the NHP-2200. It worked extremely well with some direct airflow, but when used passivly it couldn't keep up with the heat-load that the chip created, even with a very high airflow in the case. This leaves me wondering again if Nexus should have designed a fan mount into the heatsink as mentioned before.
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Most Recent Comments

19-04-2007, 07:48:59

It just looks beautiful, shame it doesn't cool very well passively.

Also it's smaller than I thought it was gonna be when I saw the initial pics.Quote

19-04-2007, 08:00:14

Nice pics ham, u using that tripod then?Quote

19-04-2007, 08:19:06

Nice little review Ham. It's certainly a beautiful looking heatsink. What ambient temps was the review conducted under btw?Quote

19-04-2007, 09:06:37

Originally Posted by name='!TIMMY!'
Nice pics ham, u using that tripod then?
Cheers, yeah i always use one when i can. You can blatantly tell the ones i don't..

Originally Posted by name='PV5150'
Nice little review Ham. It's certainly a beautiful looking heatsink. What ambient temps was the review conducted under btw?
It was 26degreesC, Im pretty sure that was in there :S.Quote

19-04-2007, 09:10:49

Soz mate you did too, it was the idle that threw me. I thought that was referring to the chipset ROFL, which on a 650i it wouldn't be.

Idle temperature was recorded at 26°C throughout the tests.


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