Nanoxia DS6 Deep Silence 6 Review


Nanoxia Deep Silence 6 Review


Well we're pleased to say the Coast Guard replied to our enquiry and although they felt the Nanoxia DS6 didn't represent a danger to shipping we still feel that at 20kg it's still a danger to your intervertebral discs or any latent hernias you might have pending.  Risk of prolapsed discs and things in the nether regions going twang aside, if you're planning on giving a home to the DS6 you'd better free up a fair bit of real estate on your desk as at 644x250x655mm (HxWxD), it's going to need quite a bit of space.  If you're planning on keeping it under the desk it might also be wise to check just how much space you've got down below, including any strengthening cross braces that might lurk under the desk surface.

So large is the DS6 than in reviewing it we weren't sure whether to image it with the DSLR or strap on a Go-Pro and abseil in.  But assuming you've got the space we figure you're going to want the specs.  Having read the technical specification at the start of the review you'll know that the DS6 is able to accept not just ATX and XL-ATX boards, but also the larger E-ATX and HPTX format.  Bizarrely it's also able to accommodate the teeny weeny M-ATX and microscopic Mini-ITX boards.  We're not entirely sure why Nanoxia saw fit to ensure this high level of compatibility as even a standard ATX board looks lost inside, but regardless of any reasons or rationale as to why, they have.

As you might imagine the big numbers don't stop with the motherboards, the DS6 can house up to 13x3.5" or 2.5"drives as well as GPUs up to 400mm in length and CPU coolers up to 200mm high, so yeah, pretty much anything really.  If you're thinking home or small business work server then all that HDD capacity means that if you opt for 3TB drives there's a potential for just under 40TB of storage in there.

The feature count doesn't stop there though.  With all this internal real estate comes some quite impressive native water cooling support.  Up in the roof there's room for 240mm, 280mm and even 360mm rads.  With 89mm of space between the roof and the edge of the motherboard this means anything up to a 60mmthick rad and a single row of 25mm fans is an easy fit.  However, in an effort to improve compatibility with thicker rads Nanoxia have, like a few other manufacturers, offset the roof mounting holes away from the plane of the motherboard by 48mm, giving you that little bit more room to play with provided you don't have anything on the upper edge of the motherboard higher than 48mm.  In practice we tend not to place too much importance on these off sets and certainly don't recommend you take the figures as permission to assume you can just sling any huge rad up there, as there are a fair few variables to consider, not least of which is being able to reach your RAM release tabs and the 8 pin CPU cable.

If you are looking to find a home for an uber thick rad, don't despair as the roof isn't the only place this case will take a rad.  Internal to the main HDD stack there's a mounting bracket which will permit 240 and 280 rads to be fitted.  After first removing the three drive HDD rack, with a standard ATX board there's a whopping 160mm of space between the internal edge of the bracket and the motherboard which should be enough to satisfy anyone's mega rad cravings.  It is however worth remembering that thicker rads and push pull combinations will reduce the max GPU length, but as you're starting with 400mm it'll be a while before you cause a conflict.  It also goes without saying that should you opt for one of the larger E-ATX or HPTX motherboards the available space drops to a still quite reasonable 80mm.  We also think, that although the bracket isn't designed for it, if you're willing to extend beyond it by attaching fans directly to the rad it's entirely feasible to accommodate 360 and 420mm rads.  You are going to lose a few of the 5.25" bays, but with ODDs on the decline and the DS6 having its own 2 channel fan controller we're a bit pushed to think what you might need all tho