Lian Li TYR PC-X2000 Chassis

Cooling & Noise Testing


To get a feel of how the case performs and feels when in use I built up a system within the X2000. Building the system was quite easy and took me a little less time than normal. The only niggly bit was fitting the DVD drive, and even then it wasn't a major issue. This was due to having to route the cable behind the drive and through the hole in the drive bay. The components used were as follows:


Asus P5Q 
Coolermaster Silent Pro M 700w PSU
Intel Core 2 Quad Q9550 - with Arctice Freezer 7 Pro HSF
Corsair Dominator PC-8500 4GB
ATI Radeon HD4850
2x 500gb Seagate Barracuda's in RAID 0 Array
Asus 20x DVD-RW DL
Windows Vista Ultimate 64 Bit
For the purposes of testing, I ran everything at stock settings using the built in fan controller. The controller has three settings, low medium and high. To measure the full range of system temperatures, I used Everest Ultimate Edition. The temperatures recorded were:
CPU Core 1
CPU Core 2
CPU Core 3
CPU Core 4
GPU Diode (DispIO)
GPU Diode (MemIO)
GPU Diode (Shader)
I tested while the system was at idle and the CPU & GPU fans were running at stock speeds. This should give a good indication of how effective the different fan settings were on the X2000 with the supplied case fans.


As you can see from the results, there was a drop in all temperatures when changing from low to high fan speeds. We shall discuss this more in our conclusion.
Let's now discuss the noise levels at each fan speed. As Lian Li have labelled the case as a HTPC/Gaming solution, we have taken into consideration whether the noise generated would be acceptable when being used as a HTPC.
At low setting the noise is no more than a background hum, and I could hear the hard drives a lot more than the fans.
At medium setting, the fan noise was a little louder, but would be acceptable for a HTPC, where noisy cooling would not be acceptable.
At high setting, the fan noise was distinctly audible and may not be acceptable for a HTPC, as the noise could be heard in quiet moments of a movie.
So now we move on to our conclusion.
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Most Recent Comments

23-09-2008, 07:54:51

That just wreaks class tbh.

I think the minor niggles are perhaps something that can be overcome - but I do hear that for £305 u really shouldn`t have to, or there should be options included in the kit to assist u.

Ur damn lucky to get ur mits on that, it looks a pleasure to build in and work in.

The only thing I really don`t like are/is the i/o on/off section. The rest of the case features can be forgiven with the style and such, placing the things on the top is perhaps weird. However, I don`t think it`s designed to go under a desk, more to stand on it`s own in a room as a feature. A piece of furniture to comment upon. I`d imagine with it stood on the floor, the buttons/ports are very accessible.

Very nice review, I`d get them, not for the price they are atm tho.Quote

23-09-2008, 08:06:31

Looks brilliant, oozes style and great review. However, I have concerns about the lack of 5.25 bays. I personally have a dvd burner, blu-ray burner, fan controller (I know this isn't such an issue with this case), floppy disc drive, pico itx pc and a draw full of screws and bits.

Even if I got rid of the bay full of stuff and the fan controller, I'm still one bay over the limit. If I was going to spend £305 on a case, I would expect enough room to stick in more optical drives. What if you were to buy a 5.25 res?

Other than that though it looks great, but I can't help feeling that its targeted markets such as HTCP (too big) or performance (not enough expansion) have been missed.Quote

23-09-2008, 10:15:09

Do u think that if u can lash out £300+ on a case, u`d be able to buy a BR/DVD/RW single unit ?Quote

23-09-2008, 10:27:53

Granted you could (I have), but what if you like to be able to do direct read/writes from one disc to another.

My only point is that if I spent £300+ on a case, I'd want it as close to perfect as possible and having to make do with only 2 5.25" bays and a 3.5" isn't my cuppa. Perhaps they could have got rid of the 3.5 external for a third 5.25" (I seem to be the only person who still needs an fdd)Quote

24-09-2008, 04:35:45

Morning guys, I love the look of this case but theres just too many things wrong with it.

A: They should have used black pcb boards for the sata section

B: Used black internal cables for the usb etc

C: Fan controller is in a completely ridiculous place, do something mad, touch screen it and make it flat with the case.

D: The price!!!!!!! DAMN!!! could go on holiday for that.

Nice case, not enough features for what they are asking rrp.

And im with you on that drive bay res, what if you do buy one (which most people do) then your screwed for placement of another bay. ( I only have 1 dvd drive and a fan controller and the fan controller is only there as I lost a bezel, ROFL)

But I do like the case, espcially the way they have coloured the inside which is one thing I think all companys should do. Quote

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