Lian Li PC343 ATX Case

Packaging & External Appearance

The packaging for the 343 is a simple brown double walled cardboard box with a line drawing of the case and some basic manufacturer info. I was thankful for the cut out handles in the side as this wasn’t the easiest thing to move around, due to its size and the fact the suns out for a change I headed outside to take the photos.
Lian Li PC-343 Box Lian Li PC-343 Box Open

Once getting into the case we were met by another layer of card board with foam protection pads, on one side and some more foam on the reverse corners to keep the case in place. There is exactly the same style layer at the bottom of the box but with cut outs for the castors to sit into.
Lian Li PC-343 Box Open Lian Li PC-343 Box Open

We were actually very surprised, normally at this stage you would be met by some thick layers of polystyrene protecting the precious cargo from the couriers who like to play Rugby with our new purchases.

You will find that there is a 3 inch gap around the case from the outside of the box and just a simple plastic bag covering. The foam mentioned before is all that is holding the case in place, but nothing stopping anything puncturing the box and causing your case any damage. Still if the couriers look after the parcel all will be fine… Right?
External Appearance
When removing the 343 from the box the first thing that sprung to our minds was it is actually surprisingly light. We began to wonder how Lian Li have kept the weight on a case of this size down?

Typical to Lian Li’s styling this is a very smooth and understated case, the only thing that stands out is the 18 drive bays that dominate the front of the case. This looks to me like 2 mid tower cases with 9 drive bays each nailed together in a very posh manner. But is it that simple inside?

Staying with the simple clean touches in the centre of the front panel there is a chrome style ringed power and reset switch, between those are 2 LED’s indicating power and HDD activity. Further down the case there is a Firewire port, 2 USB connections plus head phone and microphone jacks.
Lian Li PC-343 Case Front Lian Li PC-343 Front
Moving round to the back of the case there are 3 - 120mm and 2 – 80mm fan mounts. The PSU is on the lower left side and the expected motherboard plate is to the right.
Lian Li PC-343 Rear Lian Li PC-343 Rear

When removing the side panels the reason for the low weight became apparent the materials used to make this case are much thinner than what you would expect from Lian Li. The doors are cleverly folded from a single sheet of 1mm aluminium (v2000 is 2mm) this includes all the rails for locating to the case.
Lian Li PC-343 Panel Lian Li PC-343 Panel
In their defence to keep the weight, manufacturing costs and shipping costs for the customer down thinner materials was an easy choice to make and has been carried out very well. Maybe I’ve just been spoiled with the v2000 which has a sturdy bomb proof feel to it.
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06-04-2008, 11:34:25

Looks to be a fantastic case!

Very pleasurable read Jim.......Tom!?!Quote

06-04-2008, 11:37:13

Originally Posted by name='Toxcity'
Looks to be a fantastic case!

Very pleasurable read Jim.
Not my review mate Quote

06-04-2008, 11:51:49

Mr. Smith
Originally Posted by name='Jim'
Not my review mate
Who's Tom Logan??Quote

06-04-2008, 12:22:42

That would have to be me!

So what do you think for my 1st review on oc3d? Ive put poor old Jim through hell getting this done!Quote

06-04-2008, 12:29:11

Excellent review.

Im sure will help many when making the decision between similar specced cases when it comes to cooling options and build quality.

Its amazing stuff that Nescafe isnt it

Keep up the good work and look forward to many more reviews.Quote

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