Kaby Lake 7700K 5GHz AIO Cooler Mega Test


AIO Cooler Mega Test


Having discussed various attributes in the conclusion, it's only appropriate that we dish out some awards.  


280mm AIO Performance :  Cryorig A80

The 280mm radiator based Cryorig bags our coveted Performance award.  It's fair to say that the 5.0GHz test was tougher than than expected with just 9 of the total 17 AIOs making it through.  Truth be known, the Cryorig A80 dominated this test, being 2.25 degrees cooler than it's nearest rival, and 2.75 degrees cooler than the next nearest 280mm rad based AIO. 



240mm AIO Performance:  Cryorig A40 Ultimate

No, you're not seeing things, we have indeed awarded the Performance award twice.  Why so?  Well take a look at the graphs and tell us your socks remain un-blown-off by the sheer performance of this 240mm rad based AIO.  It also has the advantage of fitting into a great many more cases than the A80 model, and that can't be bad.



120mm AIO Performance:  Corsair H80i v2

Yes, that's a total of three performance awards.  We really couldn't not award this to the simply awesome Corsair H80i v2.  Seriously guys, a 120mm fan based AIO that holds a steady 5.0GHz overclock on Kaby Lake?  Well deserved we think.



Value For Money:  SilverStone Tundra TD-02E

Why are we giving this to the Tundra?  Well just look at the performance and then look at the price.  It makes into the 5.0GHz club and has a price that puts the others to shame.  Enough said. 



Exceptional Aesthetics:  CoolerMaster Master Liquid Pro 120 and 240

My god those cold heads are stunning, not to mention the angular attraction of the radiators.  Looking at these makes us go weak at the knees and a little bit "fizzy" in the trouser department. 



Enthusiast Grade:  Alphacool Eisbaer

While the concept of expandability isn't exactly new, hence the lack of award for innovation, the Eisbaer does offer something that no other cooler in this test does.  Buy the Eisbaer and you're getting a system that is sealed and can be expanded to include a GPU cooler should you so desire.  If you get the water cooling bug big time and want to upgrade to a full custom loop, but can't exactly afford to chuck out your AIO then all is not lost as both the pump and rad can be incorporated into a custom loop thanks to their use of common compression fittings and G1/4 threads. 



Silence Award:  Akasa Venom A10

While the SilverStone Tundra TD-02E did quite well in this award, especially for a cooler that made it into the 5.0GHz club, the definitive winner is actually the Akasa Venom A10.  The A10 was quieter than a paedo in a Barny suit, and represents a core change from the bad old days when 120mm rad based AIOs used to have noise levels that'd make your ears bleed.  

  You can discuss your thoughts about the 7700K 5GHz AIO Mega Test on the OC3D Forum thread

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03-01-2017, 13:38:46

No Kraken X62 ?Quote

03-01-2017, 13:40:15

Originally Posted by euphoriatle View Post
No Kraken X62 ?
Not in this round up no. NZXT failed a bit.Quote

03-01-2017, 13:47:59

No probs just curious how the 'pretty' pump compared on the kaby 5ghz lolQuote

03-01-2017, 13:53:43

No enermax?Quote

03-01-2017, 18:48:08

Amazing amount of in depth analysis and explanation fellows, as always, thank you for not only presenting detailed and thorough information but explaining the points you make and why certain aspects/elements are more effective.

Great to see Cryorig putting up great figures. Seems like all of their offerings are at least solid, if not phenomenal, especially for the value.Quote

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