InWin H-Tower Motorised Transforming Case Review

InWin H-Tower Motorised Transforming Case Review

In Win H-Tower Full Tower Aluminium Motorized Chassis

InWin H-Tower Motorised Transforming Case Review


When it comes to choosing a case aesthetics is one of the most important aspects to consider, nobody wants their PC to be ugly and everybody would love to have something that is unique.

In-Win has always been a company that have provided unique and aesthetically pleasing cases though this usually comes at a hefty price premium. Recently In-Win has taken this ideology and cranked it up as to 11, creating one of the strangest and striking case designs that we have ever seen at OC3D.   

Ever since we first saw the H-Tower we thought that this case was just going stay a prototype, a transformer-inspired case that was built for a trade show and would never be released for general public. Now the H-Tower has been released into the consumer market, with the wallet burning price of £1894.99, making this the most expensive case that we have ever reviewed at OC3D.  


In-Win H-Tower Monster Case Review  In-Win H-Tower Monster Case Review


This new case offers a unique mechanical/transformation functionality, allowing the case to transform and change colour wirelessly with In Win's unique Bluetooth mobile app. When the H-Tower is in motion, the side panels unfold outwards to reveal a spacious interior with the motherboard main plate rotating 90 degrees to showcase your hardware. 

The In-Win H-Tower is a monster of a case, weighing in at over 23KG and being shipped to us on a pallet and taking a significant amount of manpower to move into the OC3D Offices. TLL almost gave himself a hernia moving it around while filming!   

If the H-Tower does anything well it is demand attention, everything about this case simply deserves to be looked at in detail, from the beautiful brushed aluminium exterior all the way to the App controlled RGB lighting (titanium version only) and the jaw-dropping transformation feature. This PC case is designed to catch the eye, making it perfect for trade shows and press events, but it is perhaps a bit too large and cumbersome for home use. 


In-Win H-Tower Motorized Case Review  

Below are the full specifications of the In-Win H-Tower chassis,  supporting motherboards up to EATX, up to a 360mm radiator (40mm thick) for water cooling, up to a 200mm tall CPU cooler and GPUs that are up to 340mm long, making this case suitable for even the highest end hardware, making this the perfect case to showcase your Ultra enthusiast PC components. 




- Material: Aluminium, SECC 
- Colour: Black/Red 
- Internal Drive Bay: 3.5” x 1, 2.5” x 4 
- M/B Form Factor: E-ATX (12” x 13”), ATX, Micro-ATX 
- Power Supply: ATX12V, PSII and EPS 
- Power Supply Mounting Area: Length up to 230mm 
- I/O Port: USB3.1 Type C (19-pin) Connector x 1, USB3.0 Type A Connector x 3, HD Audio 
- I/O Expansion Slot: PCI-E Slot x 8 
- Supports High-end Graphic Card (Length up to 340mm, Height up to 200mm) 
- Thermal Solution: Supports 120mm Top Fan x 3, 360mm Radiator (Height up to 35mm), Supports at Least 200mm Height CPU Heatsink Based on Different Mounting Position 
- Dimension (HxWxD): Closed: 617 x 322 x 502mm (24.3" x 12.7" x 19.8"), Open: 620 x 680 x 785mm (24.4" x 26.8" x 30.9") 
- Net Weight: 23.03kg 
- Gross Weight: 32.1kg


One thing to really note about this case is its sheer size and mass, which is enough to make any desk look small and all but the strongest of desks shake a little when the case transforms and puts all that weight into motion. More than once we thought the case was going to fall off our desk when it transformed with the full weight of a high-end PC inside though our desks are of the basic office variety. 


IN WIN H-Tower




It is pretty safe to say that the InWin H-Tower is a high-quality case, with its unique transformation feature and the ability to fully control it using the Bluetooth mobile app.

With the mouthwatering price of almost £1900, it is pretty clear that this case is not designed for the average consumer, especially when also considering the size and weight of this case. Anyone who is looking to use this case day to day will need to have a monster sized desk in order to fit this case on top, especially if you want to also have a monitor and pretty much anything else on the same desk.

One big thing that users of this case will need to consider is how often that this case will need to be cleaned, as the case does not have any dust filtering due to its open/transforming design. One other thing that users will need to consider is that while this case is large, a lot of the size is dedicated to the transformation mechanism, meaning that this PC has limited space inside to build with.

One other important thing to note when building with this case is that your SSDs will be mounted in a way that has your branding stickers upside down, which is a real shame for a case that is mostly designed to showcase your hardware. One other thing to consider is that when using a large EATX motherboard is that your SSD connections and your motherboard connections are likely to clash (as can be seen in our video above).

One other problem with this case is that in the roof you only have enough space for a 360mm rad that is 40mm thick, which may not be enough to water cool an ultra high-end CPU and multiple GPUs. Thicker radiator support would have been greatly appreciated here, especially given the price of this case, as nobody wants to spend multiple thousands of pounds on components and water cooling to have the system run hot or noisy. 

What this case offers is unique functionality and the ability to build a system that is a true showpiece, but this does give this case some large disadvantages, even after you consider pricing. This case is the craziest and the most show-stopping case that we have ever seen, but it is far from a perfect design.  

This case is designed to demand attention and if does that very well, so much so that we expect to see this case on showroom floors at press and consumer events for many years to come. The Transforming functionality of this case is something that even Megatron himself could be proud of, certainly making this case unique among its peers and something that will wow people again and again when combined with enthusiast grade hardware. 

This case deserves nothing less than the OC3D Innovation Award, offering functionality and style that is going to sit unmatched for some time. This case is far from perfect, but it is something that is very satisfying to look at and can create the ultimate showpiece system. 


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Most Recent Comments

26-03-2016, 08:50:56

Well that certainly is a different case Guv not the sort of thing most people would buy, but deffo for a niche market, but it's nice to see a company like InWin thinking outside the box on their cases and giving the market something unique.Quote

26-03-2016, 12:55:46

That price tag...Quote

26-03-2016, 16:02:33

It's an outstandingly cool case, but that price tag pretty much sets it to a tiny market of people, most likely trade show builders?Quote

26-03-2016, 16:41:17

Hi Tom

The only words I have for that case are "Properly Mental!" I also think that using a normal ATX sized board would help you out with your MB connector issue. That extra couple of mm would make the SATA and USB connectors that much more useable. I agree that you want the very best show hardware for this thing. It does get the creative juices flowing. I could not afford it, but if one came my way it would demand a complete custom job. Full on custom wiring. I like your idea of the SATA power breakout style cable. As I would make each piece of the wiring myself, each would be the exact proper length.

On the SSD label issue, I really wish the manufacturers would just put the label in the box so we could affix it whatever way suits the build.

Lovely review, and your excitement for the case comes through.


27-03-2016, 06:22:45

in my country 1 (gbp) = 9.55 (hrk) which is in the end 18152.09 (HRK) that ammount is 4 times bigger than what i will be able to earn as a teacher and 6 times bigger if i work in a job like a waiter, if i had money for it it would be the only case that i would buy, the weight is not an issue, the space it would take is not an issue too the only things that would be on my desk is te box, monitor, keyboard an mouse the rest of the stuff i would e using goes under the deskand in the span of next 5 years the price will go down considerablyQuote

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