Inwin 703 Review


Inwin 703 Review


We said in the Introduction that we were delighted to finally get our hands on an Inwin case, and we're pleased to say it's been worth the wait.  From the off it's essential to understand that the 703 isn't trying to be like any of the esoteric high end or "Frame" cases that Inwin do so well.  The 703 is very much an entry level case aimed we think at those who want big money style without the big money, and with its textured Matt black, picked out with red detail and pinstriping around the external 5.25" bay it does look like it costs a heck of a lot more than its £55 tag would have you believe.  Remove the large windowed side panel and peer inside and you'll find that all the right ingredients are present and correct, there's a decent amount of storage, seven expansion bays, room for large tower coolers as well as long GPUs.  OK, so there are no grommets and no space for water cooling, even if you do get 2x120mm fans fitted as standard, but you can't have everything.  What is apparent is that Inwin have not scrimped on quality in order to bring the case in at the price point they have.  Sometimes we look at budget cases and it's clear that that decisions have been made at the request of accountants to save money at the expense of either functionality or build quality.  Not so with Inwin.  What ever team they had working out where to spend and where to save got it just right.

Looks like this is heading to be a short conclusion, which in my opinion usually means we have a bit of a winner on our hands as I have nothing to really bang on about or rip apart.  That said, we do have to say we're not entirely convinced by the aesthetic of the bulged acrylic door.  It's certainly of decent quality, and is screwed in place with gun metal allen bolts as opposed to simply and cheaply crimped in place.  It's just that we think it somehow makes the case look cheaper.  Had it been flush, with a matching flush opposing panel the case would have looked a million dollars, as it is, we're just not sure.  Still, if you're handy with a dremel it'd be a quick and easy job to swap it out for something more agreeable.

The only other real problem the Inwin 703 has is the competition from Corsair in the shape of the Carbide 200R and the Spec series of cases.  Both of which come in at a similar price pint and both of which offer a slightly better feature set, but we think less in the way of aesthetics.  Then again, there's the NZXT Source 340, which is damn near as sexy as the 703 but costs a wee bit more.

So in summary if you're on a tight budget, but still want top quality, water cooling isn't a priority and you're looking for a damned fine case that's very easy on the eye, the Inwin 703 should be high up your list of options. 



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Most Recent Comments

15-07-2015, 06:03:40

Good review and all but I have a small request. Can you give Gary a black&red motherboard and gpu to use in "The build" section?Quote

15-07-2015, 06:12:44

Originally Posted by Thelosouvlakia View Post
Good review and all but I have a small request. Can you give Gary a black&red motherboard and gpu to use in "The build" section?
I dont think colours really make a huge amount of difference for something like this matey - plus if I gave him a board Id need to send memory, a cpu, a GPU etc etc etcQuote

15-07-2015, 06:40:29

Always loved in wins cases, a lot of there designs are a bit batty but that adds to the charm. This seems like a great basic caseQuote

15-07-2015, 06:50:03

/puts his tongue in his cheek.

No one going to complain it looks like a NZXT?

/removes tongue.

I love Inwin. I remember when they made the very first P4 certified case. I loved that thing, used hundreds of them.

They just went very quiet. Now? WHAM ! they're kickin' ass and taking numbers man. Good to see, hopefully at some point they will do a new version of their B52 stealth as it was never available in the UK (has a motorised front kinda like the Alienware I have).Quote

15-07-2015, 07:31:48

I'm hoping the next review will be one of the nine series cases, especially the 909. Its good to see that In Win (who are my go to for interesting cases) have started to make reasonable budget stuff. Now if they could only make a minimal budget case..Quote

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