Inwin 703 Review

Up Close: Exterior Overview

Inwin 703 Review

Up Close:  Exterior Overview

The 703 has quite a striking design that lifts it well above your usual "black box" type Mid tower case, and measuring 432x210x477mm (HxWxD) it won't take up a massive amount of space on your desk.  Considering it's made of SECC Steel it's also surprisingly light, perhaps as a result of the absence of superfluous panels.  The example we have for review is Matt Black with Red trim, but if that's not your thing, have a look at the stunning Silver with Black trim version.

Inwin 703 Review     Inwin 703 Review


The front panel is a brushed aluminium effect monolithic slab interrupted only by the geometric piping that defines the 5.25" bay.  We think it would actually be a real shame to upset this aesthetic by removing this panel to fit an ugly optical drive.  With the visual appeal in mind Inwin have very cleverly secreted the front I/O into the small valley running between the stood off front panel and the leading edge of the roof, oh, and if you're looking for the power switch, it's that small black button in the top right hand corner. 

Inwin 703 Review     Inwin 703 Review


It might not be recessed by much, but Inwin have done a great job of hiding the front I/O as well as the square section ventilation strips that run up either side of the recess.

Inwin 703 Review     Inwin 703 Review


The 703 has a huge acrylic window which bulges out from the side.  This bulge is matched by the opposite side case panel so as to add balance.  We have to say, the bulged window is perhaps the only part of the aesthetic we're not convinced by.  It's not like Inwin have cheaped out on us, The window is a quality bit of work, and rather than simply being crimped in as is the case with many windows, this ones actually held in place by gun metal hex head allen bolts.  Still, the fact it is retained in this way means it'd be the work of moments to mod your own window in.

Inwin 703 Review     Inwin 703 Review  


The rear of the case is a pretty standard ATX affair with a pair of grommeted water cooling holes sitting atop the rear 120mm fan.  Below this we find a total of seven vented PCI slot covers.  The covers aren't held individually by screws so must be physically wiggled to remove them from the case, after which they cannot be re sited.

Inwin 703 Review     Inwin 703 Review


The underside of the case has intake filters for both the PSU and base mounted fan position.  The case itself stands on four plastic feet which although only clipped rather than screwed to the case appear robust enough.

Inwin 703 Review     Inwin 703 Review  

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Most Recent Comments

15-07-2015, 06:03:40

Good review and all but I have a small request. Can you give Gary a black&red motherboard and gpu to use in "The build" section?Quote

15-07-2015, 06:12:44

Originally Posted by Thelosouvlakia View Post
Good review and all but I have a small request. Can you give Gary a black&red motherboard and gpu to use in "The build" section?
I dont think colours really make a huge amount of difference for something like this matey - plus if I gave him a board Id need to send memory, a cpu, a GPU etc etc etcQuote

15-07-2015, 06:40:29

Always loved in wins cases, a lot of there designs are a bit batty but that adds to the charm. This seems like a great basic caseQuote

15-07-2015, 06:50:03

/puts his tongue in his cheek.

No one going to complain it looks like a NZXT?

/removes tongue.

I love Inwin. I remember when they made the very first P4 certified case. I loved that thing, used hundreds of them.

They just went very quiet. Now? WHAM ! they're kickin' ass and taking numbers man. Good to see, hopefully at some point they will do a new version of their B52 stealth as it was never available in the UK (has a motorised front kinda like the Alienware I have).Quote

15-07-2015, 07:31:48

I'm hoping the next review will be one of the nine series cases, especially the 909. Its good to see that In Win (who are my go to for interesting cases) have started to make reasonable budget stuff. Now if they could only make a minimal budget case..Quote

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