Fractal Define R6 Review

Up Close: Interior

Fractal Define R6 Review

Up Close:  Interior

Fractal market this case as "Two cases in one", and the reason for that is best exemplified in this first image.  If you're the sort that wants lots of HDDs, but doesn't necessarily want then on show, making the interior look ugly, then the R6 is an excellent choice, as its large baffle blocks all view of the first 180mm of the case.  Aside from that, we have the usual excellent Fractal cable management options, with grommeted ports down the side of the motherboard area, as well as above and below on the false floor. 

Fractal Define R6 Review 


Peering behind the baffle we can see that there are four 3.5"/2.5" drive trays.  There are in fact, another two lower down, totaling six.  These six drive trays can actually be located into pretty much any combination of 12 positions, so that you can arrange them strategically around your cooling needs. 

Fractal Define R6 Review 


The base of the R6 has the now common place false floor, however, this only extends as far forward as the baffle we were talking about earlier.  If you're intending to keep the baffle in place, this isn't really an issue, but if you're removing it to relocate the HDDs and to fit a large radiator then you're going to be facing a large hole.  We were thinking that it would have been a good idea to have a cover plate for this area, although thinking about it though, the only real reason you would remove the baffle is to put in a large rad, in which case you'd need to be going below decks anyway.  The only scenario where it might be an issue is if you put in a 240 or 280mm rad and removed the baffle to enable them to be viewed.  According to the instruction book, you can also mount 2x2.5" drives on the upper surface of the false floor, but if we're honest, it's not immediately clear how this comes about.

Fractal Define R6 Review 


The rear interior is a pretty standard ATX arrangement, with a nice 140mm Fractal fan on extract duty.  As noted when we looked at the exterior, there's a mount for a double width GPU here in addition to the seven standard expansion slots. 

Fractal Define R6 Review 


From the interior, it's not really that easy to see what's going on up in the roof.  It does though look like there are two sets of slotted mounts for both 120mm and 140mm based fans and rads. 

Fractal Define R6 Review


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Most Recent Comments

20-12-2017, 11:20:19

Oh Fractal. This could have been the best case of the decade.

Things i like:
-All that Fractal white...
-White bezels on the glass. So many manufacturers (Lian Li, NZXT) just put black bezels on white cases. Not good. Thank you Fractal for not cheeping out on that.
-Modular front part. You can have R or S beautiful.

Epic fails:
-What is going on with the top? Why put that monstrosity there? Why eat up top radiator space? Just make it like Define S and give it magnetic filter in the box, and make moduvent from metal. No need for that bulky thing. You could have saved a lot of money from pintless tooling.
-Front.. OMG! Why put stupid CD drive bay and waste such a good case. Tom you said you wanted to mod that vent mesh onto it. Imagine white Meshify front on this one. I am getting funny feeling in my pants only by thinking about it.

Because of that transformer front thingy i assume that there wont be a new Define S. This is kinda both. All i think about now is how to bash metal mesh with a hammer just to make that front panel look good.

Every single review i saw of Meshify C was "How masterful is that front?!" and every comment was "Where is Meshify S?". And this case could be that one. And what does Fractal do? Slab a big BLACK metal plate on white case only to have CD drive bay in which you probably can't put ROG DAC, or Fan controller because the door wouldn't close over the knob. If there was no CD drive bay there would be no point for a door. And we could have white Meshyfy R5. Are you reading this Fractal???

I know R series was your most popular case. But that was decades ago. When we had 80GB HDDs and we needed 10 bays in the front so we can install games and have music on our system. And we needed CD drive bays, because internet was slow and games came in small plastic boxes. Cmon Fractal...

Tom please give me a hint if there will be Meshify S. I wont tell. PM me.Quote

20-12-2017, 11:33:18

Is it me or should this be the perfect case after six revisions? Or does the perfect case simply not exist?Quote

20-12-2017, 11:43:20

Originally Posted by AngryGoldfish View Post
Is it me or should this be the perfect case after six revisions? Or does the perfect case simply not exist?
It does exist, and it is made by HEX-GEAR (in my opinion). This could be the one to take the throne (i'm a poet now) if only it had better front and top. Every other thing is perfect.Quote

20-12-2017, 11:46:56

I find Fractal cases boring as hell, and this looks to be no different. Great to work in for sure, but it's so boring looking, plain jane black box.Quote

20-12-2017, 11:53:05

Originally Posted by Avet View Post
It does exist, and it is made by HEX-GEAR (in my opinion). This could be the one to take the throne (i'm a poet now) if only it had better front and top. Every other thing is perfect.
I can't say that HEX Gear don't make amazing cases, but I can't say they're perfect either.Quote

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