Enermax Fulmo GT Review

Testing and Conclusion

 Enermax Fulmo GT


Testing and Conclusion.

I went to a New Years Eve party recently where a new work colleague brought her husband along for the first time to meet us all.  There was quite a deal of whispering going around the room with regards to him and in particular his appearance, but no one would actually voice out loud what we werre thinking.  Sensing this, and perhaps as a result of previous "works Do's" the colleague in question stood up and made an announcement.  "May I have your attention please.  In case you're all wondering....Yes I do know my Husband looks exactly like Trigger from Only Fools and horses, and if just one person is heard to mutter "alright Dave" they'll be wearing their testicles as a bobble hat".  With that out of the way we went to to enjoy our evening.

What i'm getting at here if you haven't already twigged is that this case bares more than a passing resemblance to a certain Coolermaster case.  Now that's not a bad thing by any means, as the CM690 is a modern classic of a case.  To question the looks of this case simply because it resembles another would be a bit like saying "yeah his girlfriend is attractive, but she looks a little bit too much like Claudia Schiffer don't you think?"

So with the little matter of it's looks out of the way, and no need for any more bobble hats we can move on with things.  We've already seen that this case comes with quite an impressive array of fans included, but just to re cap lets count them up, the front has a 180mm Blue Vegas, the side panel has two of the blue Vegas fans, all of which are wired into the included fan and light controller.  In the roof of the case lives a non LED 230mm fan and at the rear we have a 140mm non LED fan.  It's fair to say Enermax have not cut corners with inclusive air cooling with the GT.

With regards to water-cooling, It's not too long ago that if you wanted to water-cool a case you had to get the drill and dremmel out.  Back then the manufacturers just didn't think of such niceties when designing and building cases for the Masses, most of who were fine with just air. Even today it's not that easy to find a case that is pre prepped for water with no modding required.  But not so here, there are water-cooling options in abundance, with the ability to support both 120.3 or 140.3 rads in the roof or floor respectively and additional 140mm mounting options on the inside of the HDD rack this case caters for the water-cooling enthusiast straight out of the box.

We've talked about how this case outwardly resembles the CM690, and it's no bad thing to bear a passing resemblance to a case with such classic looks.  On the inside however one can't help but draw parallels with another modern classic, the Xigmatec Elysium.  Without doubt the bones of the chassis come from the same OEM, and as such this case has all the strengths of the Xigmatec case, and as the Xigmatec itself falls short of perfection, so must this case.

Lets not go thinking that just because this case shares a few similarities with other good cases that this isn't a good case in it's own right, or that it lacks a sense of individuality.  In my opinion this case subtly improves on the looks of the CM690, and ups the ante on the Xigmatec by the inclusion of no less than 3 of the excellent 180mm vegas fans and a roof mounted 230mm fan.  Added to that is the ability to vertically mount 140mm rads in the front of the case.  And although there's no window you're also getting a much larger side mesh area through which gaze lovingly upon all the treasures stowed within.

Ok, it costs a bit more than the Xigmatec, but you're getting quite a bit more case for your money.


Thanks to Enermax for the Fulmo GT on review today, you can discuss your thoughts in our forums. 

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Most Recent Comments

11-01-2012, 05:56:59

To question the looks of this case simply because it resembles another would be a bit like saying "yeah his girlfriend is attractive, but she looks a little bit too much like Claudia Schiffer don't you think?"

This part of the review reminded me a lot of Jeremy Clarkson reviewing the Jag XK. Anyway, the first thing the case reminded me of was the CM690, only with rubber gromets inside.Quote

11-01-2012, 06:03:48

Good review and it looks like a decent case.

I have a 690 II ADV sitting right next to me though and damn they are almost identical in looks. The Fulmo GT does improve on the looks though and it is obviously bigger and has better features and options.Quote

11-01-2012, 06:32:11

Ive been waiting for tom to rip this case apart awsome review as per usual.Quote

11-01-2012, 06:49:04

Originally Posted by sources95 View Post

Ive been waiting for tom to rip this case apart awsome review as per usual.
G-dubs did this review dude not me Quote

11-01-2012, 06:55:34

Price is the killer for me. If it was around the £100 mark I could cope with modding the bits I didn't like, but at £180 it doesn't even get a look in.

From yet another 690II owner. And it's a white one, thanks to Snow Drift Quote

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