Enermax Fulmo GT Review

Up Close Interior

 Enermax Fulmo GT

Up Close:  Interior

With the door removed we finally get a look at that cavernous interior.  The Fulmo GT is able to accept the largest single and twin CPU motherboards on the market with ease and any GPU you care to throw at it, and with room to spare.  The Fulmo GT supports video cards up to 42.5cm long, with enough room between the walls to fit CPU coolers of 177mm in height, or 190mm with the internal side panel fans removed.

Enermax Fulmo GT      Enermax Fulmo GT   


The Fulmo GT has four 5.25" bays at the front of the case, along with ten 3.5" bays.  The 5.25 bays are tool-less, utilising the ubiquitous slide to lock mechanism.  The 3.5" bays are essential rigid plastic drawers withing a metal frame.  The frame is riveted in place so can't be removed without the use of power tools.  The Drives themselves are held in the drawers by means of screws and isolating rubber grommets.  Standoffs  are located on the internal aspect of the HDD rack for two 140mm case fans, but if fitted this will reduce the amount of space available for GPUs (not exactly a problem though as still tones of space).  The rear of the case has room for 10 expansion cards.  The expansion cards are held in place with small black metal thumb bolts.  The image in the bottom right also demonstrates the two PSU location alternatives.

Enermax Fulmo GT      Enermax Fulmo GT   


Homing in on the PSU locations we can see that the lower location has both rubber isolation dampers and a velcro strap (I guess in case your PSU sees just how big the case is and decides to go for a walk around!).  To mount the PSU in the roof location will necessitate the removal of the roof fan.  Alternatively this can can simply be moved forward to a more anterior roof mounting position.  Both fan location areas come with filtered mesh vents. 

Enermax Fulmo GT      Enermax Fulmo GT   


In the pictures below we can see that Enermax have included not just a fan controller board, but also a fan LED controller board within the case.  As the mounts that these units are located into are duplicated at the base of the case it's possible to move this set of controllers around to best suit the needs of your build and set up.

 Enermax Fulmo GT      Enermax Fulmo GT  


To aid cable management Enermax have provided no less than 12 good sized cable management holes.  All holes have slitted rubber grommets to help keep things clean and tidy.  The grommets are of good quality thick rubber and almost impossible to dislodge when pushing cables through.  being designed with the larger Mobo in mind, the cable management holes are perhaps a little bit further away from the standard ATX Mobo than i'd like.  It's also worth pointing out that as with a few other super towers the large hole for the second CPU doesn't come with any sort of cover so half of it will poke out from behind your standard ATX Mobo.  Ok, a convenient cable management hole perhaps, but would be nice to have the option to blank it off, or perhaps fit it with a removable rubber grommet.

Enermax Fulmo GT      Enermax Fulmo GT


With a depth to the door interior of between 20-25mm, the reverse side of the case has more than ample room for cables and bulky cable extensions.  Enermax have also been kind enough to provide several well spaced cable tie attachment points.  

Enermax Fulmo GT      Enermax Fulmo GT   




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Most Recent Comments

11-01-2012, 05:56:59

To question the looks of this case simply because it resembles another would be a bit like saying "yeah his girlfriend is attractive, but she looks a little bit too much like Claudia Schiffer don't you think?"

This part of the review reminded me a lot of Jeremy Clarkson reviewing the Jag XK. Anyway, the first thing the case reminded me of was the CM690, only with rubber gromets inside.Quote

11-01-2012, 06:03:48

Good review and it looks like a decent case.

I have a 690 II ADV sitting right next to me though and damn they are almost identical in looks. The Fulmo GT does improve on the looks though and it is obviously bigger and has better features and options.Quote

11-01-2012, 06:32:11

Ive been waiting for tom to rip this case apart awsome review as per usual.Quote

11-01-2012, 06:49:04

Originally Posted by sources95 View Post

Ive been waiting for tom to rip this case apart awsome review as per usual.
G-dubs did this review dude not me Quote

11-01-2012, 06:55:34

Price is the killer for me. If it was around the £100 mark I could cope with modding the bits I didn't like, but at £180 it doesn't even get a look in.

From yet another 690II owner. And it's a white one, thanks to Snow Drift Quote

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