Dimastech Bench Table V2 Review


Dimastech Bench Table V2 Review


Overclocking and benching is becoming increasingly popular, the need to be able to get on and around your hardware with a multimeter, or to pour some more liquid nitrogen, pretty much renders a normal case completely useless. You could always take the old school route and just stick the motherboard on a box but that's hardly the most secure option is it?

The Dimastech table allows you to mount your psu, optical and data drives and even watercooling out of the way in the lower level. This makes it so easy and quick to fit and even quickly change the motherboard and other components on it. Being able to access all these parts from every angle also makes it incredibly easy to tweak, test and maintain all the hardware on the higher level.

The table is available in any colour combination from the many RAL colour choices available. Being able to have your table in the exact colour you wish, and not just a boring black or white, is brilliant. Dimastech deserve some serious Kudos for this and will win plenty of fans because of it.

I need to explain I have had this unit here for some time as I was lucky enough to get a very early version, I started using the unit right away and was meaning to write this review very soon after, but such is a journalists life things can go from quiet to insanely busy when a group of manufacturers decide to release products all at the same time. I was fortunate enough to have been testing the table when such an incident happened. This meant that table has been used daily since it arrived, a barrage of motherboards, heatsinks, graphics cards and ram have all been on and off this table so many times ive lost count. yet apart from the PSU bracket it looks as good as the day it arrived.

Quite simply if you test hardware proffesionaly, or as a past-time, I really can not put in to words how much of an asset the table will be for you. It has made my work so much easier to do it's unreal. The only thing I need to try and do now is convince Dimastech that they need to send me some more so I can distribute them throughout the review team!

The Dimastech Bench Table is easily deserving of the OC3D Editors choice because yet again, it would be exactly that.

The Good
- great access to motherboard and surrounding components
- modular design and fitting
- wide range of colour options
- essential kit for overclocking proffessionals and enthusiasts alike

The Mediocre
- PSU bracket is far too thin and likely to break

The Bad
- We only got sent one!

 Thank you to Dimastech for the sample today, you can discuss this and many other reviews in our forums.

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Most Recent Comments

01-06-2010, 07:59:57

Looks like a very nice piece of kit - certainly going to come in handy for OC3D to test new components - you can just keep the board up there, and just chop and change out the bits and bobs you need to test!

Awesome piece of kit there, and a nice review TomQuote

10-06-2010, 06:52:29

Yes, glad you got one for "A barrage of motherboards, heatsinks, graphics cards and ram"! Sounds like your going to hit us with a nice barrage of reviews Got a feeling you'll know soon about that PSU bracket after a proper TTL workout. Great review as always.Quote

10-06-2010, 07:49:05

I have a few bug-bears with these things.

Concept - excellent, great things to have when you constantly work with changing out bits, components, testing. If they're exactly as you require them.

Prices - absolutely rediculous up to this point. Cheapest one I've broken ** was probably £75 or so, and felt like it. I didn't buy it, so hey.

Essentially, an enthusiast can put one of these together themselves, suprisingly cheaply. If you consider yourself a compitent wc'er and especially a case-modder, the task is simple.

** the breaking usually comes cos although the basic form is there - they don't facilitate 'something' - so you end up modding it in some fashion.

LL tray - $25, salvedged parts from old cases, "hack saw", misc cables from your favorite outlet. Coat it ? I've scratched the heck out of them usually with so much in/out of components. Monkey prints on the LL stuff can be annoying tho.

Meh, each to their own.Quote

10-06-2010, 08:23:37

I was all for the cheap versions too Rasta, but tbh once you get something quality like this, especially for something that for me at least will get a huge amount of use they are worth twice the retail price. Kustom PC's has these in stock for £109 which is brilliant imho.

My only bugbare was the PSU bracket which i do belive will be getting changed asap, other than that the quality was top notch.Quote

10-06-2010, 10:18:53

Spelling error, page 3, "professionals" Quote

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