DimasTech Bench Table

Appearance & Features

With the case assembled it was time to stand back and take a good look at it. The black and blue theme is quite pleasing, but the DimasTech Bench Table comes in a variety of colours to suit different tastes. I'll probably cop some abuse for saying this but I've never been a massive fan of powder coating, however, the finish surpassed my expectations and was quite impressive.
Front Case_Back
Unfortunately with the silky gloss black finish showed up dust like a blood stain in a snow field. But If your looking for a case like this then chances are it'll be in use so often that dust wont be given a chance to gather.
Case_right Case_Left
The curvy design of the DimasTech Bench Table gives it an overall classy, polished look. And while a few imperfections were present you wouldn't notice them without close inspection. While good looks are not normally a necessity for a bench table, this one has proved that the two can go hand-in-hand.
Iso1 Iso2
Along with the appearance, the features will be another short section when compared to a lot of cases today. When it comes down to it, the Bench Table is pretty basic - omprising of nothing more than mounts for the hardware.
Fan_Mounts Vertical_mount
Fan_mount Fan_mount2
As you saw earlier the case comes with a decent selection of fan mounts. This version is designed to accommodate a  Thermochill radiator, and subsequently, most of the brackets supplied were 90° ones. This allows the user to mount fans to blow over the RAM slots, PWM''s and other areas of a motherboard that could suffer from a lack of airflow when watercooling is installed. There is an upright bracket supplied that caters for blowing air through vertical heatsinks or into GPU coolers, and with different versions of the Bench Table you get a few more vertical mounts.
Thermo_mount_angle Thermo_mount_front
Down one side of the case you can see the mounting specially cut for Thermochill Radiators. The DimasTech Bench Table is also able to accommodate Black Ice and Swiftech radiators for those with different components. I would have liked to see some sort on universal fitting that could have accommodated both sizes of radiator (120.3 and 120.2) but perhaps that's asking a bit much.
Next up we have the pump/reservoir mount and It is designed to accommodate nearly anything you want by simply bolting it on. The pump/reservoir mount attaches onto the base and bridges the upper and lower levels of the Bench Table.
Finally, a little mention goes to the decent length motherboard standoffs. This will probably raise an eyebrow or two for the more casual and tower case oriented  amongst us, so I'll quickly explain. The backplates on sub-zero solutions are often quite thick in order to accommodate a thin layer of insulation. Normal stand-off's are often not tall enough to accommodate this, but thankfully the ones here allow you use thicker insulation as you see fit.
Moving on we put the case through its paces...
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Most Recent Comments

11-11-2008, 16:11:27

Nice review there bud! Very versatile workstation for the enthusiast! Liking the pre-cut radiator panels and the colour combination also makes it look pretty distinctive.Quote

11-11-2008, 17:05:44

Tremendous review Ham, for an awesome piece of kit from my pov. (mess with things too much)

£130... hmm, I think u judged it about right - it's not too expensive, and it's not exactly cheap, although it seems alot. But it's professional enough for u to make an excuse to buy it, cos if u seek one u usually have a reason or purpose. In that sense u can view it as an investment.

Construction is good, probably more finished than I imagined. Generally I would have thought less-flash (flash probably wrong word) and more practical-emphasis, but it does make it more appealing to the masses I would think. (to explain, I'd be happy with a plain silver-metallic )

Very versatile as expected.

I've always looked at these and wondered why they don't do a lid that u can just lift off, no screws, perhaps a catch to stop any vibration. I know in alot of respects it defeats the majority of the reasons why u would buy 1. But I think here of like in my case I'd buy 4 perhaps and whilst messing with one, the others mainly stay enclosed (with fan inlet vents and a cable hole).

Great stuff.

EDIT: With those great OC3D colors, they might think of providing 1 each to the regular reviewers on here I'm sure they'd get a fair share of promotion from it. Oh and lovely pink tubing m8 Quote

11-11-2008, 17:26:33

These bench tables are simply a godsend. I went out and purchased mine a few months back - before we got the offer fo a review one, and it just makes everything so much easier.

one thing I've done on mine tho is swapped the motherboard standoff's for large rubber feet (so I dont need to have a screwdriver handy when doing a mobo swapout).Quote

11-11-2008, 17:33:00

Could you also opt for something like one of those grippy rubber mat things ? Buy a sheet and cut it in. I'd imagine the solder pins under the mobo would add to the grip.Quote

11-11-2008, 17:39:10

Originally Posted by name='Rastalovich'
Could you also opt for something like one of those grippy rubber mat things ? Buy a sheet and cut it in. I'd imagine the solder pins under the mobo would add to the grip.
The only problem with a totally flat mat is that the graphics card/pci card blanking plates poke out a bit behind the motherboard, so you need to elivate the motherboard by about 15mm or you end up with a GPU half hanging out of the slot .

Grippy mat would be a good idea if you could strategically line the pci card blanking plates up with some of the holes in the case tho.Quote

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