CPU Air Cooler Mega Test

Gelid The Black Edition

CPU Air Cooler Mega Test

Gelid The Black Edition

Price:  £49.99

Technical Specification

CPUIntel: 775,1150, 1151, 1155, 1156, 1366, 2011/v3.  AMD: FM1, FM2/+, AM2/+, AM3/+
Heat pipes7x6mm Copper pipes
MaterialsAluminium fins, Copper base
Fan Speed1x120mmslimfan @1600rpm 1x120mm silent fan @1500rpm
Noise LevelSlim 25.4dB(A), Silent 25.5dB(A)
Air FlowNot given
Air PressureSlim 1.35mmH2O Silent 1.6mmH2O


Up Close

We're not entirely sure what this cooler is the Black edition of, as it's name is simply that, "The Black Edition".  Anyway, Gelid have given it a kind of cool name, so who really cares.  The other thing Gelid have given it, is ample packaging and protection.  Gone are the blister packs, and in there place carved slabs of expanded polystyrene.

CPU Air Cooler Mega Test     CPU Air Cooler Mega Test  


The twin stack cooler is based on the 120mm fan and isn't as massive as some we've looked at.  Ceratinly the 160mm height and just 109mm depth shouldn't cause too many problems.

CPU Air Cooler Mega Test     CPU Air Cooler Mega Test  


Gelid quote seven 6mm heat pipes, however, to us it looks more like three 8mm and four 6mm pipes.  Certainly four of them are thinner than the other three.  To fit this many into the contact plate Gelid have chosen to double stack two of the thinner pipes above and inbetween the larger ones.  After leaving the contact plate, the pipes spread evenly up the fin stacks which should afford for some decent performance.

CPU Air Cooler Mega Test     CPU Air Cooler Mega Test  


Although the body of the heat sink is left in its natural Aluminium, the top does have a rather attractive perforated shroud covering.  This covering is Matt Black and is counterpointed nicely by the gloss Black pipe end caps and the gloss Black slim front fan.  Looking underneath we get a better view of the heat pipe design, however we can also see what a mess the soldering is down here.  Why do we keep going on about the soldering?  Well if it looks crappy on the outside, the bit you can see, just think how crappy it's likely to be on the inside, and a crappy soldering job means that the heat won't get conducted away from the contact plate to the heat pipes as well as it could.

CPU Air Cooler Mega Test     CPU Air Cooler Mega Test  


Thankfully Gelid modified their mounting system slightly from that used on the other two coolers, opting for a screw down central brace type system.  Although better, it was still astoundingly fiddly, with the narrow space to put your fingers into with the screw on the end being slightly reminiscent of trying to interfere with a woman when she was still in the next room!  And as for performance, well when you think that this is a twin stack 120mm fan based cooler, it really should have done better than coming 4th from last in the 120mm fan based charts, as this means it was beaten by many, much less massive and cheaper 120mm single stack coolers.  One saving grace it does have though is that it looks the part. and will fit in well with pretty much and case interior.

CPU Air Cooler Mega Test     CPU Air Cooler Mega Test  

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Most Recent Comments

10-08-2016, 14:32:21

Had a quick look..
dont see any AIO's in there as a comparison.. I think it would have been nice to see atleast 1-2 of the most popular ones in there, it would just round out the comparisons a bit better imo if you also factor noise efficiency and redundancy.Quote

10-08-2016, 14:36:41

Great article, good to see my D15 is still a beast in the air cooled department.

One small thing, while reading the D15 page I couldn't help but notice something wrong.

With the front fan installed you are though limited to standard height RAM.
This is actually not the case, the fan can be positioned forward due to the design of the mounting which allows for big RAM if you have the case clearance for the fan to protrude off the cooler.Quote

10-08-2016, 14:52:00

That explains all the hype around the Cryorig lot, good prices and performance there. Great to see so many all together in one place for comparison.Quote

10-08-2016, 14:53:46

The BeQuiet coolers are meant to be tightened from the back of the motherboard, not above and between the fins. No wonder you found it hard to do.. If you are saying that poor fitting is the reason they don't perform well, then the test results are not representative of the coolers performance.Quote

10-08-2016, 15:08:21

I bought the Be Quiet Dark Rock TF for the looks for the Lian Li Q10 build - was supriced that it placed so low.

Have the Raijintek Pallas on my living room rig cooling a G3258 and I thought it was great.Quote

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