Corsair 760T Review

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Corsair 760T Review


It seems like an age since we first saw the 760T. The internet was full of it at CES and Corsair have even made their own videos about it. So as its now going live at the end of March it feels like this case has been around for months already! There does still seem to be a lot of hype surrounding the launch and to be honest it's understandable once you start to peel away the layers and see what the case has to offer. Talking of peeling away the layers, lets take a look at the specifications and get swiftly on to the video review that you are all here for anyway!

Corsair 760T Review

Video Review



If you're honestly interested in this case as an upgrade or possible new rig purchase, it really is worth watching the video above to get all of the details rather than the quick skim over the points we will put here.

First of all those and the most dominating feature of the case is that huge pretty much complete side panel window, it is ever so slightly smoked but its enormous size means you really can make a feature out of your entire system. This also does mean it may not be great for the lazy builders but for those of you that like to put a bit of effort in and really show case the hardware you have invested in.

Both side panels are hinged and also have magnets on the outer edge that just help to add a quality feel to what is essentially a plastic panel. The fact we are not marking this down as a negative point should show how well Corsair have done in the build and application here. This doesn't feel cheap at all and if you have cables all poked round the back, the door still snaps shut on the magnets.

The other major feature in our eyes is the water cooling support, you can get a 60mm thick triple 120mm or 140mm fan radiator (360mm/420mm) in the roof and a 240 or a 280mm monster radiator in the front but there is so much room there you can even run this in push pull. Yes that's an 80mm thick rad AND two sets of fans but it still wont impact on your main hardware area!

All in all this is a cracking case and priced at £145 we think this puts some of the £200+ cases to shame from other brands. If you like the looks of the 760T we cant think of a reason why you wouldn't want to chuck your wallet at the screen to buy one and for that reason we award it our OC3D Gold award.

On a side note we do happen to know stock isnt due for retailers until late April, we do how ever have a competition to win a custom 760T that is live HERE and could be your way to get your hands on one nice and early. 


Corsair 760T Review

Thanks to Corsair for sending in the 760T for review, you can discuss your thoughts in the OC3D Forums.  

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Most Recent Comments

27-03-2014, 09:24:49

Never thought the fans looked like swastikas until you mentioned :I.
This case is much more up my street. Big window and idiot proof cable management options. Not going to lie Corsair cases don't usually agree with me but this one is different .
Its weird how popular the ssd mounting like that is becoming. My old enermax case had that. It was one of the only good things about that case.

Nice video Tom

also, New TTL face of approval.

27-03-2014, 09:31:28

Looks pretty good, wasn't sold on the design in the preview but it looks a lot better in the full review. Still not a fan of the all black on the motherboard side but you wouldn't see much of it. Much prefer the 750D as a whole.

Talking of the 750D, the internals are damm near identical which is a great thing and considering the price there is a lot of features thrown in like the hinges on the doors, the quick release panels and the way to show off the SSDs which are all very nice.Quote

27-03-2014, 09:48:29

One of the best cases made to date in my opinion.
For the price it puts some of the more expensive cases to shame.
I wish case manufacturers (not just Corsair) would start making cases with at least 115mm of space between the roof and mobo as standard, so that a full 60mm rad in push pull is guaranteed for everyone, no matter what mobo you have.

For me, if I were buying a new case today it would be a tough choice between this and the H440. I think if I was watercooling the H440 would be the better case but the 760T is still a good choice. I think I would probably go with the 760T in the end though.Quote

27-03-2014, 12:30:35

Originally Posted by barnsley View Post
This case is much more up my street. Big window and idiot proof cable management options.
Besides the styling, both of those things are available on the 750D, seeing as the cases have the same internals except for the lack of a second floor grill on this one...
Originally Posted by barnsley View Post
Its weird how popular the SSD mounting like that is becoming.
well also as it being a 750 in the inside thats easy..

also my AF-LEDs dont have so noticeable swastika, but maybe thats cos mine are 120s..
on another note, pity the front panel aint so nice.. looks cheap for 170E still sexier than a H440 though Quote

27-03-2014, 12:48:42

Damm, in some twisted way I hate this case.

The amount of ideas floating around my head after seeing the film, made me trying to find a good reason to buy a new case

Luckily for my wallet, there isn't any. Will have to skip it.

But the amount of thing you cpuld do with this: Drill out the 5,25" drive bays, cut out most of the top cover, and replace it with a white alu plate with lots of wholes to alow for an exaust. -thus making a stelth cover for the screews used on the 360mm top rad ect ect. Why oooh why can't I convice myself to buy a new case :S

Ooooh, and as always: Nice vid TomQuote

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