Corsair 600T Case Review

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Corsair 600T Review


So is the Corsair 600T an improvement upon the 800D?

Absolutely. It's a lot better than the Obsidian, but still lacking in a few little touches that we'd expect to see at a mid-tower costing this much, and amongst such stiff competition. Looks-wise it owes more than a debt to the Cooler Master Sniper. So similar are they we kept checking the badge on the front to make sure they hadn't sent us one of those by mistake.

Airflow is greatly improved over the 800D, and it's now what we'd expect to see of an average case. The two big 200mm fans certainly can shift enough air, this should keep all but the mentalist GTX480 systems out there reasonably cool. Although it has to be mentioned that the choice of a plain black fan for the exhaust is disappointing.

Although it's possible to install a water-cooling loop in the 600T, it isn't really well designed for that purpose. It isn't far short though, it's just too short. Another inch of height and a bit of testing prior to design finalisation could make a lot of difference to the overall usability. It's fine filling the press-blurb up with talk of "for gamers, overclockers and enthusiasts" but you do need to make sure it suits all those markets. As it stands we'd advise you to stick with air-cooling for this case.

Overall build quality is up to Corsairs normal high standards. Everything fits together well, the side-panels are sturdy and the side-panel latch mounting system is a very good solution to the problem of getting a panel to slide on over the array of cables you've stashed behind the motherboard. There is also plenty of room behind the motherboard tray for cable routing.

All in all it's a good case that is just a few details away from being very good. It does suffer from the same issue as the 800D though in that it's very expensive and doesn't do enough to rise above the competition. The Utgard we reviewed earlier does everything this does at half the price. Very soon they are going to be releasing a full tower variant that will cost the same as this Corsair mid-tower does. It's a seriously competitive price-range to try and fit another model into and we're just not sure it does enough to stand out.

The final word from us is that the 600T is a mid tower case fighting for attention at what is now a very competitive full tower price point and we cant help but feel its not brought the right cards to the table. The Xigmatec Utgard is HALF the price of the 600T and with a little time spent on cable routing does the job just the same even if it does feel like it is cheaper. The Utgard because of the layout at the front of the case actually allows you to fit a second 360 or 240mm radiator or extra hard drives. I actually use one myself with 12 HDD's in the front as a home server, and yes all this for just £66.

I understand many of you will buy the 600T because it has a Corsair badge and this does buy you a well made case that does have an air of quality about it that the Xigmatek can not really compete with. It all comes down to the old Skoda vs Audi argument, there will always be people willing to pay that bit extra for a different badge and leather seats. At the end of the day it really depends on your budget and what you intend on using the case for. Its not great for anyone looking for a water cooled case, but in reflection if its an air cooled mid tower system you are after and this is within your budget it should be high on your list cases to consider.


Thanks to Corsair for providing the 600T for todays review. Discuss in our forums

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Most Recent Comments

06-09-2010, 08:54:07

No like. I don't like the rounded look.

One thing I really liked about the 800D was the nice square look. It looks like it is trying to look like something else now.

Ick where are my manners. Thanks Tom.Quote

06-09-2010, 09:13:52

nope i would rather have a 840 at that priceQuote

06-09-2010, 09:34:56

Getting a bit of a Cosmos feeling with this case .

inside looks pretty good !Quote

06-09-2010, 10:47:14

I have to agree with Tom about the 800D being an oven. I have one with six months now and I had to add a 120MM high CFM fan on the roof of the case to get the heat out of the case. Only until Tom said that it was an oven about two months ago I didnt realise how poor the fans were thant came with the case were.

I was gaming that day and my GTX280 was getting fair hot so I pulled off the side panel of the case and the internals of the case was very hot. The hot air hit me when I pulled the side panel off. I have a Corsair H50 with two fans on it pushing the air into the case also. I also had to replace the 140MM rear fan with a 120MM fan for the H50 so I used some cable ties to mount the 140MM fan on the roof of the case to help remove the heat from the case. The fans that came with the case are very quiet @ 100% but they are very low CFM fans too so they dont help move the air much.

Not only that but those plastic covers inside the case rattle a lot (I removed the cover over the HDD fan cause it rattled with the HDDs vibration) and the plastic blank 5 1/4" covers are loose so they rattle a little with the HDD vibration and I had to put foam under the feet of the case because there is no dampening for the HDD's so my computer desk was humming at me when the computer was running.

I love the size of my 800D and the front hot swap bay , but I think I will be changing the case for something better built as soon as I can. I had an Antec P190 and changed it because it was too small inside the motherboard area but it was better at cooling and the HDD's didnt make my desk hummmmmmmm at me. I will be looking out for a big case that is some bit decent (Better than my 800D) with good cooling , lots of internal space (like my 800D) and has HDD dampening. The 600T is a little bit too small for me though. I want a bigger case than that.Quote

06-09-2010, 11:16:04

I actually think a full tower version of this case with 360mm rad support (50mm thick) would be a very good case tbh.Quote

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