CoolerMaster Notepal U2


Testing was conducted using my Sony Vaio FW31E. The laptop was subjected to an idle and load test across three different testing conditions; 
  • Stock system cooling
  • Notepal U2 Cooling (no fans)
  • Notepal U2 Cooling (with fans)
For the idle testing, the laptop was left to idle for 15 minutes, then the CPU temperatures taken. For the load tests, two Prime95 threads were loaded (one for each core), and the temperatures recorded after a further 15 minutes. The temperature recorded was an average between the two cores, which were taken from Coretemp. Here are the specifications of the test machine:
Intel Core2Duo T6400 @ 2.00ghz,
4GB DDR2 Ram @ 800mhz,
ATI 3470 Mobile GPU,
OCZ Vertex 120gb SSD,
Windows 7 Professional x64.  
Unfortunately it's hard to show the full extent of the differences in temperatures due to the laptops internal fan adjusting it's speed automatically (there is no disable options in the BIOS). However, the speed changes are fairly small, so the overall impact on results should be minimal. 
Idle Results:

CoolerMaster U2 Idle chart
Load Results:

Unfortunately there was no differentiation between the idle results - almost certainly due to the CPU dropping it's multiplier right down and thus producing an incredibly small amount of heat - well within the coolers limits. However, when a bit of load was applied the picture changed, as the fan was instantly wailing away at full revs to try and keep the heat down. As the fan was at full speed, the differences in results were entirely down to the U2. Although I was expecting a larger difference in results, the 3 degrees the U2 with fans gives you over stock cooling is reasonable. It's also worth noting that my Vaio isn't the most high end of notebooks, and one of the newer i7 laptops would probably benefit more from the added cooling.
Unfortunately though, the fans on the U2 are quite noisy, and are very much audible over my laptop's own internal fan when it was idling. With no way of reducing the fans rotational speed or swapping the fans, some could find it somewhat annoying.
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Most Recent Comments

12-02-2010, 07:23:14

hmmm....I was considering this cooler over a zalman one at twice the price as my Toshiba P200 is running hot especially on the graphics card side under the point where it is shutting off...with being a 17' model theres not much active choice...I've seen some reviews that recomend this for dual fan laptops greater then 16'....with some laptops seeing a reduction in temps by as much as 9 degrees...I'm going to think about it now though....may fork out for the zalman....Quote

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