Cooler Master Hyper 612 v2 Review


CoolerMaster Hyper 612 v2 Review


In a CPU cooling market increasingly dominated by AIO units it's nice to get your hands on a well-made traditional tower Cooler.  It's also fair to say that thanks to easy assembly and quality components we had a very nice time indeed testing and reviewing the Cooler Master Hyper 612 v2.  At just a smidge under £40 the 612 v2 is certainly one of the more affordable quality coolers on the market.  Sure you can buy some others cheaper, but we really wouldn't recommend that you do as you're getting well into pot luck territory with regards to build quality and performance.  There are a few notable exceptions to this rule but otherwise, well, shall we just say, you've been warned.

Part with that £40 and you'll be getting a decent sized cooler.  Not too large to fit into mid tower cases, and not too small that it will impact severely on performance.  It's of traditional construction, sporting 31 Aluminium fins in its stack through which pass six, 6mm Copper heat pipes.  The contact plate although appearing at first sight to be nothing too out of the ordinary is, as Cooler Master are keen to point out on their website, actually a CDC contact plate, with CDC standing for Continuous Direct Contact.  In essence what this means is that rather than the pipes being spaced inside a contact plate they are actually butted directly up against each other and in direct contact with the lid of the CPU.  The idea being of course that this will engender greater thermal transfer.

From the moment you open the box and start to make your way down through the multiple layers of components and accessories it's clear that good to the Cooler Master brand the 612 v2 is a quality bit of kit.  Fitting it into the case and to pretty much any Intel or AMD chip since Noah was a lad is a delight thanks to the well thought out and intuitive methodology combined with image based instructions which are separated into both Intel and AMD.  Although as previously noted the 612 v2 is of ample proportions it does have a ledge at the rear which enables it to be fitted over tall RAM or other large motherboard components.

In use the 612 v2 was as near silent as makes no difference, belying the max 20dB(A) at 1300rpm quoted by Cooler Master.  When it came to testing the 612 v2 actually made a decent enough fist of things, making it all the way up to the 4.4GHz mark before reaching its thermal limits.  At first view the results might not seem that impressive, but take a moment to look at things more closely and you'll begin to comprehend that what we have here is essentially a cooler that is intended to be just a simple step up from the a stock cooler but yet mixes it, to a degree at least, with the big boys.  Yes there are air coolers in the charts that better it, but they're all either a great deal more expensive, a pain in the arse to fit, or for the greater part both.

You could just think of the Cooler Master 612 v2 as a cooler that doesn't cost the earth, is easy to fit and will give you a bit of a bump from the stock cooler,  you could, but you'd be doing it  a great disservice.  It might seem odd to give such a basic bit of kit a Gold award, but remember that here at OC3D we don't pin medals on kit just because it's expensive, glamorous and high achieving.  Price and the entirety of the package comes into the equation, and it's for those reasons that the Cooler Master Hyper 612 v2 scoops our top award. 


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