CableMod ModFlex DIY Extension Review

CableMod ModFlex DIY Extension Review

CableMod ModFlex DIY Extension Review



Ever since PC modding began custom cable sleeving was always the thing that made a PC truly custom, the finishing touch that really turned a PC from a production workhorse or a gaming dog into a real work of art.

Over the past few years Cable Sleeving has became the norm, with first Bitfenix creating their extension cables to now even Corsair providing their own sleeved cable replacement kits for their own Modular PSUs, though not all manufacturers have made this option available to everyone yet. This is where CableMod comes in.

CableMod is a rather recent startup, but it has very quickly became the number one brand for custom sleeved cables, offering cable replacement kits of varying colours and combinations for a variety of PSUs from the top manufacturers. Right now they offer Cable replacement kits for modular power supplies from Be Quiet, Corsair, EVGA and Seasonic, with more brands coming in the future. Extension kits available for those using other PSUs. Best of all CableMod use a nice fabric braid, instead of plastic, and use no heatshrink on their cables, giving their kits a very clean look and feel. 

Pre-made kits can only go so far when it comes to matching your desired colour scheme, so CableMod has now decided to go one more step forward, bringing fully custom extension kits to the market, allowing you the end user to make any design you wish, whether it be red and white for a Hello Kitty themed build (it is a shame they don't do pink) or Green and Black for your Nvidia themed Build.


CableMod ModFlex DIY Extension Review


Cable Mod Cables

Right now these DIY custom cable kits are only available as extensions,  but if you do not mind the extra cable management or the the PSU end of the cables not matching then these cables will defiantly suit your needs.

Right now these cables are are available in 11 different colour options which include; Black, Red, Blue, Green, Orange, White, Light Green (Camo Green), Light Blue, Purple, Silver and Yellow. The only colour we would like to see added to this list in the future is a lime Green, but that is mostly so that we can please our OCD when we take a picture of the entire set. 

The cables are available in 3 different lengths, from 8", 16" to even 24", though we would recommend that you use the shortest length that you can get away with in your system, as longer cables will require more creative cable management. 

As far as connections go, you can pretty much make any cable type you want with this kit, with the exception of Molex, Sata and Floppy disk connections, though these cables are rarely on display in a PC with well managed cables. 

These cables are available right now on OverclockersUK, at very reasonable prices too, thought this will add up as you will require a lot of cables to do your whole rig with them.


 CableMod ModFlex DIY Extension Review   CableMod ModFlex DIY Extension Review   


Ease of use

These cables are exceptionally easy to do yourself. Each cable in colour coded to so that you can easily place the correct end of your cable into the extension connector. You place the cable with the white protector into the connector with the white sticker and the cable with the black protector into the connector without the white sticker (the all black connector), fairly straight forward, all you need to do before placing your cables into the connectors is to simply remove the protector.

Be warned though that if you put the cable into the wrong part of the connector that they will be very difficult, or impossable to get out without specific tools, so be careful that you are putting your connector into matching parts of the other connector. If you do this wrong you risk destroying your components, so be very careful.


CableMod ModFlex DIY Extension Review   CableMod ModFlex DIY Extension Review   

CableMod ModFlex DIY Extension Review





When it comes to DIY extension cables CableMod is the only game in town, you can make a special order from the likes of Pexon or some other cable maker but this will often come at great expense and really takes away from the personal achievement of doing it yourself.

The only real problem that we see with these cables is the fact that the cables come warped, and often warped to different directions, which takes away from the clean straight look that we often strive difficult. This can be fixed somewhat by using cable combs or by lacing your own cables (there is a great guide for Cable lacing on the OC3D forums here).

Simply put these kits transform the way we think about custom cable sleeving, mo longer will we have to spend hour, or even days making our own or having to rely on Pre-made extension kits. Cable mod has made making custom cables for your PC easy, quick and affordable. I personally hope that these cables will eventually spin off into full on cable replacement kits for PSUs in the future.

CableMod have completely changed the way we think about fully custom cables, and for that CableMods ModFlex DIY extension kits the OC3D Innovation Award.  


You can join the discussion on the CableMod Modlex DIY Extension Kits in the OC3D forums.

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26-05-2015, 12:11:44

nice mark Quote

26-05-2015, 12:24:26

about 24€ for a 24 pin is just about right, I like!Quote

26-05-2015, 13:27:22

is there any issues with the wire/ pin orientation on the pre built kits for the PSU?
I don't seem to remember any mention of it in the other video? would have been interested in a couple of 6 pin extensions for my GPU but might just save and get the whole kit insteadQuote

26-05-2015, 13:41:00

Making a whole extension kit yourself will def. be cheaper than buying a kit from Cablemods, aslong as you only want the main cables (8pin gpux2, 8pin Cpu and 24pin)Quote

26-05-2015, 14:48:25

"You could have if you were completely retarded and colour blind yellow purple and orange"

I actually burst out laughing at that Quote

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