BitFenix Shogun Review

Up Close: Interior

BitFenix Shogun Review

Up Close:  Interior

How many 3.5" hard drive cages???  Well, four that you can see, and another two down at the bottom out of sight.  Honestly, you'd think they started developing this case in 2010 or something?  Actually, it's not as bad as it looks, while we can't imagine why you'd want that many 3.5" drives in this day and age, they are at least removable.  Not easily removable, but removable none-the-less. 

BitFenix Shogun Review  


And when we say not easily removable we mean it.  Take a look at how many thumb bolts you've got to undo to get these puppies out.  OK, so it's not like you're going to be hot swapping cages in a hurry, but it was a bit of a bind to get everything out of there.  Still, at least they're not riveted in!

BitFenix Shogun Review  


So what are the three padded shelf things?  Well, they're exactly that, padded shelves.  And if you haven't already guessed, they are in fact, designed to add support to extra long GPUs.  Again, they're removable, with guess what.....Yup, Thumb bolts.  Three per shelf in fact, so that means by the time you've taken everything out, you're going to be left with a pile of 18 thumb bolts.  Best put them somewhere safe!

BitFenix Shogun Review  


Down at the base of the case there's a panel that has mounts for 2xSSDs.  These are no ordinary mounts though as they are actually "SSD Chroma" modules, and, as the sticker indicates, they are certified by and compatible with ASUS AURA, the long and the short of which is that they can be used with a compatible AURA Motherboard and other AURA components and will light up accordingly over the full RGB spectrum.

BitFenix Shogun Review


Having gotten so used to the false floor PSU covers that are so prevalent these days, it seems quite odd to see a case of this price without one.  When you consider how BitFenix have made practically everything on this case removable it seems odd that they chose not to add a false floor that was removable. 

BitFenix Shogun Review


The rear of the case is fitted with a 120mm fan, but has slotted mounts for 120 or 140mm fans.  Other than that the rear is unremarkable.

BitFenix Shogun Review  


Our first glimpse up into the roof shows that the Shogun appears to be more than ready for some radiator action, with slots for both 120mm and 140mm based units.

BitFenix Shogun Review  

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Most Recent Comments

29-03-2017, 07:36:54

Not too sure about this case it's okQuote

29-03-2017, 07:52:28

Not bad, screams "mod me" though. Needs a PSU shroud, the GPU support brackets confuse me but I could see one modded to hold a res as well as the GPU.

The aestetics are hit and miss for me too as I like the flush glass but those 4 screws still irritate me they're like buttons on a swim suit.Quote

29-03-2017, 08:13:52

It's better but it's worryingly close to Corsair prices for it being a Bitfenix.

I also noticed that some of the panels have the famous "cheap case" browning. IE - the paint has a brown hue to it.

I do like the front though, but having said that I usually like at least one thing about all Bitfenix cases.Quote

29-03-2017, 10:52:23


It looks interesting. The asymmetry of the window panels and the lack of false floor are kind of off putting. I also don't like the pseudo 5.25 bay line in the front. This case does get the "what could I do with it" line of thinking going on, so that is a good thing.

Truth be said though, I would probably not buy it at this price.


29-03-2017, 21:18:56

To me it looks cheap & nasty but better options around than this.Quote

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